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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by F Murtz, May 14, 2011.

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  1. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    Just found out how to get enough light out of em.
    just bought a 75 watt bayonet monster.
  2. atec77

    atec77 Guest

    or replace them with led's
  3. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

  4. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

  5. **What a load of crap. They would have to be the most shitfully inefficient
    fluoros I've ever seen. My bog-standard, 36 Watt Philips linear,
    tri-phosphor tubes do 3100 Lumen. My more expensive quad phosphor tubes are
    better still. Greenlife manage the same light output from an 85 Watt cfl.
    Crap. The latest Philips cfls do 1550 Lumen from 24 Watts.

    It's all very well to look for high power cfls, but try to find ones that
    are actually reasonably efficient. That Chinese crap is simply not good
  6. **T5 tubes gain most of their efficiency gains from the electronic ballasts
    used. I've swapped all my iron ballasts for electonic ones in my T8 tubes.
    Power consumption fell from around 95 Watts to 75 Watts per double fixture.

    Trevor Wilson
    **Indeed. Plus you get a nice range of lamps to use and excellent life-span.
    **Given the poor efficiency, I'd say they get pretty damned hot.
    **I was hoping that the gummint would ban open fires. Dr Karl has stated
    that the pollution caused by a very high end, very high efficiency fireplace
    (expensive) in one hour is more than a typical car causes over one year
    (pollution, not CO2). The particulates from fireplaces is disgusting. There
    are several morons in my area who insist on buring wood for wamth.

    As for electricity prices, you can thank privatisation for that.
  7. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

    Would it be possible from 12V? A 240V circuit is available so no point
    reinventing the wheel but there is nothing for 12V.
    Apparently a Pentium 4 heatsink is enough and I have plenty of those
    sitting around.
  8. **Possible, but dumb. Use a 36 Volt supply.
    **As others have said, you'll need VERY good bonding and a fan. Look for a
    heat sink with better than 1.5 degrees C/Watt (at a minimum!). 1 degree
    C/Watt would be better. LEDs lose efficiency as temperatures rise.
  9. **It would be better to keep the government out of such things, but history
    shows us that government intervention is required to keep stupid, selfish
    people acting responsibly. Backyard burnoffs would be common-place, if it
    was not outlawed.
  10. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    You are - and apparently always will be - absolutely clueless on these
    matters. Always default to simplistic PC environmental opinions, for
    some reason.

    I wonder where 'Dr Karl' got his info from, or whether he bothered to
    verify it for himself? It's sounds highly exaggerated to me. How much
    particulate escapes depends on so many factors...

    Using wood for fuel releases the same amount of carbon had that same
    piece of wood been left on the ground to rot... albeit it releases all
    that carbon in a very short time when burnt.

    I'll happily keep running my wood heater(s) and combustion stove until
    I keel over and cark it. It's none of yours or anyone else's damned
    That's one way to put it. Have you not noticed that our entire
    'government' was 'privatised' years ago?
  11. **I specified my source for the information. I can certainly attest to the
    disgusting smoke on a still night in my area, where there are a tiny handful
    of fires burning. I'm lucky. The smoke doesn't bother me, but I pity those
    who have breathing difficulties.
    **Indeed, which is why he specified a high end, modern fireplace.
    **You may care to read what I wrote. I carefully excluded the CO2 effects,
    for precisely that reason. Decomposition, however, does not release
    combustion products that can be harmful to those who have breathing
    **Nice attitude. **** everyone around you, as long as you're OK. Is that
    about it?
  12. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

  13. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

    How do I do that in the car? :)
    It could be interesting. 50W of power is similar to a computer CPU and
    those don't run very long without a fan :)
  14. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Fireplace? I don't know of any one who burns wood that has a fireplace.
  15. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    Type of wood, how green is it (if at all), how much moisture it
    contains, the weather itself and of course the fireplace/wood
    heater/stove characteristics would all make a difference.
    Not really. My nearest neighbor is about 2KM away, who also uses wood
    for heating and cooking... which brings us around to another thing I
    take issue with - your generalising about banning fires. The notion of
    _not_ using wood heaters here (NE Tasmania) is simply absurd :) Most
    urban areas are another matter... but then theres no end to the
    problems living in such places. I'm just glad they all do in fact live
    there and not in the bush...
  16. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    They still get used, but yeah, a normal wood heater is vastly more
    efficient than an open fireplace.
  17. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

    Every last ounce of power than goes into a cpu gets lost in heat. I had
    this conversation recently with someone about how much heat from a 60W
    light bulb ends up heating the room. My answer was all of it assuming no
    light escapes out the windows.
    It will be interesting the see. If it is a problem then I will just get
    a bigger heatsink or run the fan.
  18. Mickel

    Mickel Guest

    It must be correct because, being a newsgroup, 50 people would have
    jumped in to tell us what idiots we are otherwise :)
    Do you think CPU paste will be ok?
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