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CFL Inverter

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Albm&ctd, Dec 19, 2004.

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  1. Albm&ctd

    Albm&ctd Guest

    Thinking of getting the Silicon Chip kit. Have seen the circuit and
    part of the article on the net showing 4 x 11 watt CFL drawing 3.2
    Only want to run one 18 watt CFL lead lamp off SLA batteries. I made a
    few one transistor inverters over the years (hand wound transformer)
    that draw about 2 amps no load and about 3 amps with a 40w normal
    fluoroescent load so I was wondering, wonder.. wonder.. what is the
    efficiency of the SC CFL inverter running one 18 watt CFL. Basically
    asking, what does the circuit draw without load and with a smaller 18w
    load. Hoping to find someone that has built one and ran just one CFL
    and measured current draw.
    I tried the 18 watt CFL through a bridge off my old fluoro inverter
    this morning and it drew slightly under 3 amps from the battery, not
    very good.


    I don't take sides. It's more fun to insult everyone.
  2. From memory, it was about 70% efficient. I can't check right now though (I
    gave it to my brother in law to use) so unless you get a more definative
    annswer here, give me a holler within the week and I'll grab it back from him
    and run some checks.

    I do recall it was a little more efficient than a standard mains inverter
    into the CFL load.
  3. Alan Peake

    Alan Peake Guest

    I made a few inverters and from memory, they drew around 2A for a 20W
    CFL (Philips PL series). Inverters based on the SG3525 seem to run
    around 85 % efficiency.

    I've still got one in the junk box and can measure it if you're really
  4. Albm&ctd

    Albm&ctd Guest

    Don't want to put you to any trouble. 85% efficiency sure beats my old
    circuit. Best see if Jaycar has the kit. I've seen one on Oatley site
    but don't know if that's the latest design. IIRC from what was on the
    SC webpage the new circuit was dated September this year but I'm
    almost certain I'd seen the Oatley ad before this.


    I don't take sides. It's more fun to insult everyone.
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