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CF globes, lightning damage?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Robert Morein, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Considering replaceing household incandescents with CFL.
    However, the possibility of lightning damage worries me.
    Are the solid state ballasts in these lamps susceptible or resistant to
    surge damage?
  2. You mean that with all of the alternative energy sources you have in
    your garage, that you don't have a whole house surge protector?
  3. ptaylor

    ptaylor Guest

    I dunno,but we've had a few outages,brownouts,and whatnot lately,and all
    of the CFL's around here seem to have survived,but so did everything
    else,so I guess it wasn't all that bad afterall.
    A whole house surge arrestor is a good investment,and the few i've seen
    aren't even that expensive.(~$50) I'm sure there are better/more
    expensive ones around.

    Also,the CFL's didn't seem to care about the MSW inverter
    either..But,then again,they do use a switching supply/ballast
    inside.Heck they'll probably even run off of DC,aslong as the voltage is
    in-range.(~170-ish Volts?)
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