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CF dimmable lamps - Globe brand

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Gymmy Bob, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. Gymmy Bob

    Gymmy Bob Guest

    Anybody have experience with these new 26W compact fluorescents that are
    supposed to be dimmable?

    I purchased one today, ran home and stuck it on my X10 wall dimmer only to
    find it doesn't dim until the incandescent almost goes out. Then it flickers
    annoyingly until it extinguishes.

    What a rip. The damn thing cost me $14+
  2. Steve

    Steve Guest

    One made by Phillips did work in a standard triac dimmer, found then at Home
    Depot but I have not looked for them lately.
  3. Gymmy Bob

    Gymmy Bob Guest

    The ballast is self contained in the bulb. I have no access to any of it's

    The information that came in the package mentioned nothing about anything.
    It was only stated "dimmable" on the package it came in. This is a medium
    base unit with internal ballast.
  4. pike

    pike Guest

    Anyone ever notice that you can dim any old CF lamp with any old dimmer to
    about half the normal output before it shuts down? It has to be saving
    energy since the current must be dropping along with the voltage. I'll have
    to get myself one of those Kill-a-watt meters and hope it measures down to 7
  5. Not necessarily. The CF ballast, which is more akin to a high-frequency
    switching power supply, may be dropping in efficiency, dumping heat

  6. Richard P.

    Richard P. Guest

    I worked at a store that sells that brand. I haven't any personal experience with them, but when I
    asked for customer feedback on the few that we have sold, there have been no complaints about it and
    that they worked fine. The only complaint I have had is their physical size.
  7. J Baber

    J Baber Guest

    Jim Baber's comments:
    I have to agree for the first time with Gymmy Bob, they do appear to
    flicker very slightly at their lowest settings. However, they do serve
    a need for me. I have pre-existing dimmers (not automated) that are part
    of my ceiling fans and dining room (4 with 2 bulbs each) that really do
    work as far as beimg dimmable.
    This was important to me because there is a large saving there of
    about 384 W by using the CFL lights. My remote controls for the fans
    (radio) are really messed up by being turned on and off with wall
    switche since they lose their frequency settings and will hunt for the
    next signal's frequency they get when they are next turned on. (this
    means they lose track of which controller a given fan is controlled by)
    The X10 style of triac dimmer I have on these CFL lights help since
    the radio receivers actually work better if they are not turned
    completly off, and the triac style dimmers do not completely turn off.
    Which is a problem for most CFL lights in dimmers but helps here.
  8. Gymmie Bob

    Gymmie Bob Guest

    A better idea is just wait until the sun comes up to read and don't turn on
    the lights at all! (sarc)


    Wire up your wall with 5-10 different lamp fixtures, all with different CF
    wattages and a few incandescents for real colour lighting, and just select
    the level of lighting you want from the array of switches.
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