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Certified Electronics Technicians

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Randy Joseph, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. Randy Joseph

    Randy Joseph Guest

    I currnetly have an Associates degree in Electronics but becasue of
    the economy am having a hard time finding a job as a Technician. I am
    looking for a leg up and am thinking of becoming a Certified
    Electronic Techniian (Associate Level) through Electronic Technicians
    Association (ETA International). I would like to know if anyone has
    found this to be helpful finding employment. Is it worth the time and

  2. tim kettring

    tim kettring Guest

    Randy ,

    CET is definately good for electronics job...if thats what you want .

    I am getting out of electronics , techs are a dime a dozen in most
    cases .

    One cert is sufficient like coms/U-processors or comm , I have most
    all except biomed and appliance .

    tim CET MD-238
  3. Dan Fraser

    Dan Fraser Guest

    I hire about 2 techs a year. Don't give a crap about certificates. I
    just care that you're not an idiot, know which end of a soldering to
    pick up and that you've built something (not a kit) that worked.
    Alternately, repaired some serious amount of stuff, specially without
    schematics. I've hired several self taught people over the years. Pay
    them the same as certified people too. They stay longer as they have
    fewer people willing to hire them away from me too.

    Dan Fraser

    From Costa Mesa in sunny California
    949-631-7535 Cell 714-420-7535

    Check out my electronic schematics site at:
    If you are into cars check out
  4. When I would interview people for positions in electronic component test, I
    really didn't care so much about their educational credentials. Instead, I
    would focus on their personal hobbies and interests. I have found that if
    somebody was enthusiastic about electronics and gadgets in the first place, they
    tended to devote their efforts to it in a more passionate manner than somebody
    simply studying it for a job.
    Of course, I also took into account other factors, but a few minutes talking
    with them and questioning them about such things invariably told me everything I
    needed to know.


    Chip Shults
    My robotics, space and CGI web page -
  5. Guest

    I agree with you, having trained several people over the years myself.
    In almost every case, the best trainees and collegues came from the
    enthusiast/hobbyist side of the fence. I have never looked at anyone's
    paper qualifications with regard to suitabiity for a job, enthusiasm,
    common sense and a mix of practical skills are more what I look for. I
    have always believed that if people are happy doing what they do, they
    work more efficiently and produce a better working environment for
    all. And generally speaking, when it really matters, these will be the
    people that get the job done at 2am if or when it's required. I would
    have to say that there is a case for properly qualified personnel,
    however, not all qualifications can be measured by the length of the
    string of letters at the end of someones' name.

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