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Certificate to Operate

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by cicb, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. cicb

    cicb Guest

    The crane operators receive training and authorization from their
    companies to operate a crane before they are considered qualified to
    do so. It establishes a standard for crane operator training and
    certification for both general industry and construction.

    A competency-driven crane operator certification will lead to a
    higher level of safety for all workers on a construction site and the
    general public. For employers, this adds up to savings in both
    compensation expenditures and in related indirect costs such as lost
    productivity, damaged equipment and recruiting replacement staff.

    The operator will be given a crane operator certification as well as
    an action plan by which to increase the skill level. This process is
    designed not to put anyone out of work but to bring everyone up to a
    common minimum standard. This may result in an operator not being able
    to perform certain types of lifts without proper supervision until a
    re-assessment has been successfully completed. The assessment will be
    retaken once the applicant has addressed the defined issues and is
    confident that they are now ready for re-assessment. This is
    applicable for both the theory and practical assessments.

    The Regulation, developed after broad consultation with employers,
    labor, and municipal authorities, applies to all crane operators and
    defines the competencies required to move through three levels. Each
    level would give clarity to the types of equipment people are
    qualified to operate at any given point in time. Operators, as they
    are able to prove competencies, will be able to move through the
    levels. For more information about certification and its processes,
    visit the crane operator certification for more details.
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