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Century Plasma cutter.. what size fuse?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Heavy D, May 5, 2004.

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  1. Heavy D

    Heavy D Guest

    Hey guys,

    I just picked up a used Century 20/40A plasma cutter. it's 208/230V.
    I can't find any specs on this thing anywhere.. I hvae the wiring
    diagrams. but it doesn't say what size fuse/breaker to use. Any Idea's?

    Also, should it be wired as 208V or 230V?

    I have 220V going to the garage for my compressor. it goes to a switch
    then to the compressor. I'm going to add a twist-lock receptical after
    the switch and add cord ends to the compressor and plasma cutter. (I
    don't have any extra circuits to use unless I upgrade the servise) My
    compressor is 220V/20A. The Plasma cutter can be set to 208V or 230V by
    changing the wires inside the unit. so that's not a problem. but if I
    need anyting over 20A for the plasma cutter, I'll need to put the right
    fuses at the panel for the plasma cutter and somehow bring the
    compressor back does to 20A.

    Any ideas?


  2. Heavy D

    Heavy D Guest

    This is what I was thinking,

    The 220V line that comes from the electrical panel will go to a DPDT
    switch (center off, maintained contact). Then one side will go to the
    twist lock receptical for the plasma cutter. and the other side will go
    to a fuse box to bring the circuit down to 20A and the compressor will
    be hardwired to it. This way, the plasma cutter can be unplugged and
    only one will be able to run at any point in time.

    The switch that is currently there is a DPST Motor control. Will it be
    necessary to use a DPDT Motor control (is there such a thing?). I was
    going to use a 30A 120-277V switch.

    Still not sure of what size fuse for the plasma cutter though.
  3. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Verify that the plasma cutter does not need a neutral before proceeding.
    Assuming your wiring for the compressor is adequate for your region. The 20
    amp over- current you already have will be ok. The double pole switch is a
    good idea. Wire to 220v which is standard in most US homes.
    Call Century or check their web page if they have one.
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