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Central Montoring Station Service Providers

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Billy, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. Billy

    Billy Guest

    Can anyone tell me if this is a reliable Central Monitoring Station

    Alarm Relay Inc.
    111 South Marshall Avenue
    El Cajon, CA 92020

    I'm considering them because they seem to offer a $8.95 per month plan (when
    paid in advance annually) for burglary and smoke alarm detection using my GE
    Simon v3 alarm. I installed this system myself, therefore I'm not tied to a
    security company contract.

    They have a UL seal in the advertisement and the web site says:
    "Company Profile
    The highly trained staff at Alarm Relay's UL listed alarm monitoring station
    is dedicated to providing you the most responsive and reliable monitoring

    Would you trust them, and/or can you supply alternatives that are similarly
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Why are you asking us?? Most online dealers that participate here provide
    their own central station monitoring services (either under contract to a
    third party agency or on their own)... Most professionals that participate
    here either work or manage alarm companies in specific locations and deal in
    their local communities. None of us know "Alarm Relay Inc." from Adam...

    You'll be tied to a one year contract when (if) you decide to sign up.
    Their website is unclear about several issues and pretty clear on others.
    In one respect they say they have absolutely *no* responsibility for
    ensuring your alarm's signals even reach the station and that if they
    actually do they're not responsible for what happens after... Sounds to me
    like that pager service might be the better way to go (in your particular
    case)... Who programs the communicator? If it's the end user (you) how do
    they verify that you're legit and not some crook bent on making trouble? Do
    they even care? Are they properly licensed in the State in which you

    Yeah... you can say anything you want in a website that you own... You can
    even mislead people into thinking that you actually run an alarm company and
    install security systems...

    Their website says they do US Government and ATF accounts... That's pretty
    impressive... What UL certification do they have??
    I don't trust anyone but God, myself and people that I know... I'd suggest

    1. Have your system inspected by a professional alarm company;
    2. Sign up for monitoring with a local company that you feel comfortable
    dealing with. When it comes to monitoring "cheaper" is not necessarily
    better. Drop an email to the nice folks at They
    may be able to steer you to a member company that would fit your bill...

    By the way the people at use Alarm Relay as well...
    More stuff to think about... :)
  3. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Heh, heh, heh.... So now I'm trying to make it "sound like I'm in charge"??
    It was a legitimate question... Read on a little further, Robert. I
    explain why I've asked it...

    True... but who verifies that the connection to the susbscriber's telephone
    line is done correctly. The do manage to explain what an "RJ" jack is but
    they don't really indicate that it's a "desireable" thing to have...

    There's a huge difference between what they're hyping on their website and
    what their contract says. That's what I was pointing out... Sort of like
    whay you say on yours...


    Seems reasonable on the surface, but let's look at the matter a little more
    deeply. You're paying money to a UL listed station to provide emergency
    response to your alarm system. They abrogate all responsibility for signals
    generated by your "self programmed" system, indeed... Why bother using the
    service and paying them anything??

    Correct Robert... It's why *all* the stations that are ULC listed (the
    *Canadian* certification standard) only deal with alarm companies...

    I guess you would know...
    Is there an echo in the room??

    But not for the reason you stated... The website
    was limited in scope because of the name... The new website's going to be
    "launched" shortly... bigger and better...

    I'm glad to see you *finally* admitted to that... Congratulations, Robert!!
  4. Billy

    Billy Guest

    They are UL listed under the parent company "Watchlight" or something like
    that. Thanks!

  5. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Good for you... I know several online dealers in Canada... They all
    provide monitoring service, but not *one* allows the end-user access to
    installer level programming during the course of the agreement. listed only dealers that participate in the
    newsgroup. I decided to expand on that.
  6. Billy

    Billy Guest

    I'd consider your service as well.

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