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cellular home security system questions

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by kyle, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. kyle

    kyle Guest

    Hi All,

    I am in the research phase for a security system for a home I just

    Here are my concerns (maybe you can alleviate them?)
    -Worried that phone line can be cut on traditional system
    -Worried that any motion detector/etc that is wireless can be

    With these concerns in mind, I am thinking about:

    Laptop with an 8hour lithium battery (but it will be plugged in)
    T-Mobile cellular internet connection (I have verizon wireless internet
    for my work but it's pricey at $80/mo)'s ABN Broadband Adaptor
    Some sort of home security system.. any suggestions? 2story
    house,plenty of windows/doors (wired -unless there is no worry about
    wireless vulnerabilities???)


    1) how will the ABN adapter plug into my laptop?
    2) T-Mobile ceulluar internet runs at about 5-9KB/sec tops.. will this
    be fast enough??
    3) How does the entire connection stream work: central alarm unit ->
    abn adapter -> (usb?) laptop -> t-mobile ->
    4) How hard is it to do the wired vrs wireless security yourself? I
    would think like ten times harder at least?

    Thanks for your time,


    ps- what do you think about "flex-o-glass" film to apply over the
  2. kyle

    kyle Guest

    THanks G.Morgan for your input!

    You have eased my worries about the wireless motion detectors/units --
    could you perhaps steer me in a direction of these "anti-jam" products?
    Will the GE Simon 3 incorporate this?

    ALso, can you kindly explain why the laptop and T-Mobile idea will not
    work?, if I purchase their GE Simon unit along with the
    ABN Broadband adapter it seems like it should work?
  3. Can cell phones be easily jammed? Some propose to use equipment to jam
    annoying cell phones in places that are not suppose to use it.
  4. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Cell phones can very easily be jammed (on the voice channel). The
    network (or control channel) is more difficult. Most cellular
    communicators make use of the "control channel".
  5. Understand. Unfortunately, I was thinking of hooking up the cheap
    cheap X10 dialer to the PC, then to a moto using a miniUSB. I'm sure I
    can use the dialer with or without some hacks.
  6. kyle

    kyle Guest

    G. Morgan,

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the situation..

    I like the idea you suggested with the cellular communications. THat
    is basically what I wanted to do.

    I have shopped around and am quite stunned with how much the 5800
    series products cost.

    DO I need a 5800 series repeater? Let me know if I am missing anything
    with my order for a 2 story lakehouse in florida:

    1 x Ademco / Honeywell LYNXR24 Wireless Install Security System with
    24 hour rechargeable battery for UL residential fire applications
    1 x Honeywell / Ademco 5816-10KT 5816 Door/Window Transmitter - 10
    2 x Honeywell / Ademco 5819WHS Wireless Integrated Shock Sensor,
    Processor and Transmitter (White)
    4 x Honeywell / Ademco 5894PI Wireless 80 lb. Pet Immune PIR Motion
    2 x Honeywell / Ademco 5808LST Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector


    THat is quite a ticket! I am wondering if I should just invest in a
    guard dog and a .45 for half the price?

    Only thing I can see as added protection is if there is a fire they
    will alert the fire dept.

  7. Don

    Don Guest

    1 or 2 motions is enough if strategically placed
  8. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    People might be stunned at how much a 2 story lakehouse in Florida is worth.
    A quality guard dog, professional training, (don't try to DYI a guard dog,
    you will get bit, so avoid the doctor bills), food, vet bills, dealing with
    all the crap, a quality handgun, training, permit, ammunition, trigger lock,
    etc. You may be just as stunned at that ticket. But wait! Burglar poisons
    dog, steals gun, kills someone, legal fees defending yourself for not
    securing gun. Guilty or not, you will still be invited to the picnic. Your
    better off saving some money at Geigo.
    Your thought process is right about the fire protection however.
  9. kyle

    kyle Guest

    I told my wife it would be able $1k. After the cellular equipment and
    such, I'll be pushing $1.5K. She still hasn't bit as far as believing
    a home security system is really going to provide any sort of immediate
    safety to her when I'm 2000 miles away working during the week. Her
    complaint is that so what if the alarms go off. By the time the police
    arrive the burglar will have either raped,killed her and taken whatever
    they needed. I told her we can install a deafening siren to alert
    neighbors and such but she said is that going to keep her alive?

    Are the prices reasonable or could be cheaper via a package deal?

    ps- what about the shatterproof glass?
  10. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    Now you are spilling some important info. Your wife has a very serious
    concern about her safety when you are not at home. And believe it or not, if
    you are leaving her, when she has these concerns, you can't be comfortable
    while your out of town which may affect your focus. By the sounds of it,
    whether it is a daily topic of discussion or not, her stress level, when you
    are not at home rises over her feelings of not being secure. The last thing
    she needs is to have that ear piercing siren go off in the middle of the
    night due to cheap and/or improperly installed equipment. There is alot to
    consider when you start looking into, not only property protection, but
    personal protection. Yes, the dollar figure goes up and it is not a case of
    merely adding electronics. There is a whole design thing for the interior,
    as well as the exterior, of your home. On the high side, it could involve a
    electronic home security design/sales/technical person, an electrician, a
    locksmith, a landscape person (believe it or not), and if you and/or your
    wife "really" have some concerns, that have not come out yet, a building
    contractor. As far as the shatterproof windows (impact glass), they are
    about triple the cost of a regular window, plus if you are thinking about
    changing windows, Florida is now under a state wide uniform building code.
    This means that, regardless of where you are located, you will need to come
    up to the hurricane codes when doing any type of major renovation. They are
    good, will deter the smash and grab, and give you protection during the
    storm season.

    One thing to remember with security systems. They do not "protect" anything.
    They can only "detect", "communicate" and hopefully "deter". Before you
    spend any money, I would suggest you get a good understanding of your wife's
    comfort level. By the sounds of it, she has some deep concerns. When I hear
    the words "rape and kill", I know the client is not necessarily concerned
    about that bracelet they received for their birthday. The game changes.
    Don't tailor a price to this until you know where you are going. That might
    bite you worse than that guard dog. :eek:]
  11. kyle

    kyle Guest

    maybe i overstated the issue of her being worried. it probably is just
    new home jitters. the neighborhood is definitely not crime-ridden by
    any means. and i threw the rape/killed part in (hence overstatement)
    ... she is 21 and just lonely/nervous in a big house by herself. a
    guard dog might give her more of a peace of mind than anything at this

    can you explain in more detail each of these services ?

  12. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    A security design/sales/technical- Properly design a system to your home
    (floor plan), interior (drapries, wall coverings (mirrored for instance)
    furniture (heavy, contempory, etc.) flooring (tile, carpet, hardwood floors)
    fireplaces, windows (type), doors (wood, steel, wood and steel, door jambs
    (wood, steel), attic accesses, telephone demark, power circuit (cannot be on
    appliance circuit) stairwells, AC/heating vents, crystal chandeliers
    (reflective items), pets, safes, gun cabinets, collectors items, valuables,
    utility room, gas or electric utilities, attached/detacted garage, large
    attic fans in gables, crawl spaces, and that is off the top of my head.

    Electrician- Exterior lighting

    Locksmith- Re-key a new home, add dead bolts, add locks to interior doors
    (closets, gun cabinet, safe area, areas where valuable are kept), gate
    locks, outside building locks (sheds), sliding glass door pins, in Florida
    (because your front door swings outward and the hinge pins are exposed to
    the outside) hinge pins are recommended.

    Landscaper- one of the best defenses is to eliminate any folage that can be
    used as a hiding place and replace it with low growing folage that is
    pleasing to the eye but a pain to get through, thorny, etc as a deterent to
    keep away from the perimeter of the propery or house.

    Building contractor- those windows you were talking about and if you
    wanted/needed to go to the next step, a safe room. Good for home invasion,
    storms (hurricanes), keeping those valuables, etc.

    Without seeing the property, who knows what else. Where are you at in
    Florida? I am in the Ft. Lauderdale area.
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