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Cellphone/battery compatibility question

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    I have a Motorola V3(G8/9/18/19) which uses a BR56 battery.
    Unfortunately I've dropped it one too many times and the screen,
    Which has been displaying black blobs for the last few months
    has now become totally unreadable. I really liked my old Razor
    and as luck would have it my son happened to still have his old
    Razor which he gave me.

    His phone is a slightly different model: V3XX(G8/18/19 WC8/19).
    I have no idea what any of that means, however his phone seems
    to have more features than mine. His phone takes a BZ60 battery,
    and the chargers for both phones are the same. However his
    battery is dead.

    Both of these batteries appear to have the same rating, (3.7V)
    and the same 4 terminal arrangement that mates with the connector
    in the phone. Since I recently replaced my BR56 battery in my
    phone I decided to try that battery in his. I noted that although
    both batteries are the same size, the contacts on my battery will
    not touch the contacts on his phone. It seems that there is a
    very small raised piece of plastic on his case that protrudes
    very slightly. There is a very small notch on his battery that
    the protrusion fits into, and since my battery is lacking that
    notch it would therefore not make contact with the case.

    So admittedly being cheap and not wanting to buy another battery,
    I removed the protrusion with my Dremel and got the battery to
    fit in perfectly. I then swapped the Simm cards, (ATT network) and
    I got his phone working with my battery. I knew that the battery was
    in need of a charge from the previous indication on my phone, so I
    plugged the new arrangement, (his phone, my battery) into my charger.
    I charged it for a day and a half and still noted the battery
    indication was in the yellow range. On my phone this usually precedes
    a red indication which means that you're about to lose power. So last
    night wanting to assess this further, I removed my battery which was
    still showing yellow from his phone and put it into mine. My phone
    powered up and showed two green stripes, which is about 60% which
    indicated more power than the battery indicator showed on his phone.
    In any event according to the charge indication it certainly did not
    seem to be in any danger of suffering an eminent power down.

    So last night I plugged my phone with my battery into the charger and
    this morning I took the charged battery out of my phone and put it
    into his phone. The state of charge indication on his phone was 100%.

    So does anyone know what's going on here? Does the phone, charger,
    or even perhaps the battery itself "know" that the wrong
    combination of phone/battery is present? Is that what the other
    two terminals on the battery are there for, to communicate which
    battery is present and perhaps this adjusts the charge rate? If I
    have to buy another battery, (the correct number for his phone) I
    will, but at this point I don't know if this problem is simply an
    incompatibility between his phone and my battery or the charging
    circuit in his phone. Lenny
  2. Guest

    Can you find the ampere hour ratings for the two batteries, that is the first step? The fact that both phones agreed on the 100% charge seems like things are reasonably sane. I would use the phone for a few days and see ifthe newer battery in his phone seems to be lasting as long as it would have lasted in your old phone. The newer phone may have a higher or lower current demand, so it would be great if things were 100% compatible fine if 90% the same.
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