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Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by M. Anas, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. M. Anas

    M. Anas Guest

    Why it is almost impossible to repair cell phones?

    In past several years I have collected several cell phones that are demaged
    and I was thinking there got to a way to fix them.

    I live in Toronto, if u know someone in GTA who can fix cellphones, let me

  2. Amos Ku

    Amos Ku Guest

    Why? Because cell phones are getting more complex and cheaper. Nowadays,
    many consumer electronics are so delicate and compact that unless you
    are in a manufacturing facility of the product, there is no way for
    you to fix the circuitry by changing components. The only thing you
    probably can do is to fix the obvious and the easy problems.

    Also, cell phones have become so cheap that people simply dump the old
    ones. That is the economic reason. Think about this: Do you want to take
    the effort to find the almost-impossible-to-find surface mount parts while
    you can order a new phone with around $40 to $50? A lot of time, people
    don't fix things just because they are rather more expansive than just
    buying a new one. That is why many electronic technicians are out of jobs! ;-)
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