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Cell Phone chip set

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Mounard le Fougueux, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. Howdy

    I'm looking to embed a cell phone into a product. I don't want a
    commercial cell phone, but the chip set. I'm only interfacing it to a
    sensor. No LCD, no user interface, so nothing. Size (and cost (and power
    consumption)) are the important issues.

    I'm starting in smaller prototype quantities, and production would be 1K
    per year initially.

    I just need a cell-phone chip set that will response to a standard
    "phone call" - nothing fancy - no 3G, etc. Should be able to work with
    the usual wireless phone companies.

    I prefer a chip set rather than an OEM box, but might be interested in
    OEM box also.

    Has anyone experience in making there own embedded cell phone or
    represents such a chipset /oem box manufacturer?


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