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cell phone charger

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Hi everybody.
    I just got a Motorola Razr phone. When I tried to charge it off PC
    (using generic USB cable) it was complaining about "unauthorized
    charger" until I downloaded the driver. When I tried to use generic car
    charger ($7 on ebay as opposed to $30 in Verizon store) the phone gave
    me same "unauthorized charger" message.
    Question: does it mean that the phone is looking for more than +5V on
    Some inkjet printers manufacturers add some intelligence to the
    cartridges to make sure that I pay $$$ per "genuine" parts instead of $
    for compatible ones. Is this what cell phone makers are doing now?
  2. rob

    rob Guest

    I read something about this a couple of weeks ago in EDN or similar. I can't
    believe you are so cynical!!
    The real reason they have the battery / charger ID is so you are protected
    against substandard non-genuine batteries.
    IIRC Maxim were making the parts.
  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Please correct me if I am wrong:
    if "non-genuine batteries" were the only concern, it would be logical
    to include all the "intelligence" with the charger "base" (i.e. the
    phone, as the battery is never charged outside of it) and keep the
    power source (wall plug, car charger, USB cable) as simple/cheap as
  4. rob

    rob Guest

    You're not wrong Michael, I probably am. I can see your point, the stuff I
    was referring to is more related to the second point but in regard to the
  5. kell

    kell Guest

    Sometimes all it takes is to add a resistor in the line.
    When I had my old Nokia I tried charging it off a six volt gel cell and
    it gave an error message.
    I then put a resistor in series with the six volt batt and it worked.
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