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Ceiling Fan installation

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], May 30, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    How easy is it to install a ceiling fan? Any special tips? Can I do it
    by myself? Handy man businesses cost a lot.
  2. Guest

    If there is already a ceiling fixture, its not too tough. The install
    instructions should be pretty clear. If you don't understand terms and
    such, don't assume, ask and don't power things up until you're sure
    it's right. If you have to add a box and wiring, then you'd better get

  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    As another post mentioned, if there's an electrical box already in the
    ceiling, you can do it yourself. Actually, it's fairly easy, if you're
    handy with a screwdriver, and can use a wire stripper.

    However, since you don't know what you're doing, I'd recommend you
    invite a friend or relative who's done some home electrical work, to
    kibbitz and offer free advice while he/she sips from the cold libations
    you've thoughtfully provided.

    If this kind of help is nowhere to be found, there are many
    do-it-yourself homeowner's repair manuals which go through this. I'd
    recommend the Readers Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual. It
    provides a lot of pictures, and I believe it's got two pages
    specifically on ceiling fan installation.

    Good luck
  4. K `Sleep

    K `Sleep Guest

    I have done it in 3 rooms, and its easy.
    Theoretically you are SUPPOSED to replace the ceiling boxes with ones
    specifically designed to hold the additional weight. Unfortunately that
    usually requires tearing apart ceilings. What I have done instead is take
    one or 2 HUGE wood screws, at least 4 inches long, and screwed it through
    the box, into the stud holding the box. I noticed that when they were
    building my house, ceiling boxes were held in place with one lonely nail, so
    a additional heavy duty screw or 2, really holds the box in place This also
    should be done with heavy lighting fixtures). Its 4 years later, and my fans
    are still up, and working, and the boxes are as tight as ever.
    I purchased ones with remote controls, so that the little chains (light
    on|off, speed,rotation etc) that usually blow around and make noise,
    wouldn't be needed. The 1 fan that didn't come with a remote, I purchased a
    remote kit for at Wal-Mart, but even inexpensive fans from Wal-Mart now come
    with remotes already installed in them. The remotes allow full speed
    control, and full dimming of the lights separate from each other, controls
    that would normally take specialized additional wiring, inside the walls .2
    of my 4 fans are inexpensive no-name Walmart ones ($24.00), and the other 2
    are expensive Hunter Douglas Home Depot ones ($95.00). While I am certain
    that in the long run, the expensive ones will last longer, I cant really
    tell the difference in operation or running noise. Take the time to
    carefully balance the blades (by looking lengthways down them from the tip
    of the blade, while rotating the blades manually, to look for ones that are
    higher or lower than the rest). You will definatly need a second pair of
    hands to hold the motor assembly while wiring it into the box, but other
    than that its a one man job.
    Best of luck
  5. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    that depends what's above the ceiling, and how easy it is to get a wire
    from the fan to where you want to put the controller.

    remote-control fans have made this last task inessential, and there are
    fan supports that can be installed through a 4" diameter hole in the ceiling
    (the hole won't show once the fan is in place)
  6. flank

    flank Guest

    This sounds like a trick question? "Easy" is a very relative term. As
    someone else suggested, if you can "easily" get into the ceiling, and
    there is existing wiring you can use, then yes it is easy. If you are
    lucky enough to have an existing overhead light which would be replaced
    by the ceiling fan, then it is also easy. But if you have to run wire,
    it is going to be a mess.

  7. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    How easy is it to install a ceiling fan?
    Go to your public library.
    Look under 621.31924.
    Find a book with pictures.
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