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CE certification??

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Andy, Aug 22, 2003.

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  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    I followed a post that pointed here in regard to CE certification. I
    need to find out about how a person goes about doing such a thing?
    There was mention of an F.A.Q. section relating to this also. I am
    trying to figure out how one might go about getting electrical plug
    converters, which Im not making Im buying, certified so I can sell
    them. I figure it should be relatively simple, but I can't really find
    any info on how to do this, so can anyone offer any advice??

    Thanks very much in advance,


  2. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    CE is simple: Just put a CE mark on them and you're finished!

    The tricky point is to get them approved for safety in several
    european countries.
  3. John Jardine

    John Jardine Guest

    (If UK)
    If you follow the British DTI reccomendations then be prepared to shell out
    at least £5000 on test and certification costs (assuming a pass in one go).
    Most of the smaller British manufacturers have wised up to this, "only big
    companies allowed" rip-off and will spend say just a morning, having their
    kit tested at at one of the many 'pre-approval' labs out there. Expect to
    pay say £200-£350 for half a day but in that cost you'll also get a lot of
    solid practical advice and help on the whole approvals process from the guys
    that are doing the actual tests on your kit. (Don't follow the path of
    trying to to get any sense out of the BSI, DTI etc.)
    I do work for a PCB company that has an EMC test lab and do know they can
    throw in the EMC testing for 'free', if some PCB or assembly work can ride
    on the back of it.
    Bear in mind that that we are talking 'self-certification' here. If you so
    wish you can just stick on a CE label and sell the stuff. But woe betide you
    if your product causes complaints either wrt it's safety, construction or
    it's electrical noise.
    For peace of mind it's best to be able to show that you made made some kind
    of effort and thought in complying with the reg's, (even if it results in
    just sticking an EMC filter on the mains lead).
    If EMC aspects of your product are a problem then it may be worthwhile
    buying a cheap second hand spectrum analyser and knocking up a "LISN" and a
    couple of aerials and doing the work yourself.
    PS: I just bought yet another £3.50 wall-wart this morning. It had a CE mark
    plus 2 other approvals already on it.
  4. Heres a tip, if there are any AC (120v etc) parts in the project, be sure they have a VDE cert.
    Other wise CE will test the part. If they see VDE then they accept it on the spot.
    Also Chassis ground cannot be a current carrier!

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