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CDROM Power Supply

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Blog the Haggis, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I just found an old CDROM drive in my garage (Sony cdu5221) and would like
    to tinker with it but I don't have a computer power supply. Could anyone
    tell me whether these drives actually need both the 5V & 12V supplies? If
    they do, is there some easy way of getting the 2 reference voltages without
    using 2 supplies?


  2. crazy frog

    crazy frog Guest

    you could go to tip and fined one from
    a old pc or you goto dick smith or jaycar
    buy a 12volt wallwart at 1amp and build a
    regulator board with a 7812 and a 7805
    3 turminal type and some filter caps
    or you can buy a 15volt 1amp transformer
    and go from there.
  3. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    Get an old power supply from an arcade machine or similar .. simple
    transformer with 12 and 5v taps, bit of filtering circuitry and your away :)

    You could probably get an old AT p/s from a PC market/Fair/swapmeet for a
    lot less time and effort tho :)

  4. Where would you find an old arcade machine to harvest parts from?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a go at making a regulator board.

    It looks like it's not going to be as simple as using some resistors for a
    voltage divider :)

  6. Yes, that's sort of what I had in mind for it.

    The drive drags 1.2A and 1.5A from the 5V and 12V supplies respectively, are
    there commonly available regulators that can handle that sort of current?

  7. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    I used to have 10 :)
    3 of which didn't work, very useful for parts :)

    There are quite a few places around that trade in spareparts, etc in perth is one i remember, but its been a few years since
    I used to work with them ..

    I'm also sure tehre are many other similar logic based devices from that era
    that would also have similar power supply setups that would provide the same
  8. James

    James Guest

    How does that work when the input is 12V (engine not running) and you are
    trying to derive 12v from a simple 3 terminal reg?

  9. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I can give you an old AT PSU if you can defray my postage costs.
    Contact me via email if interested.

    Otherwise you might consider salvaging the PSU out of an old DVD
    player. Many had +5V and +12V rails and were rated from 15W to 25W.

    -- Franc Zabkar

    Please remove one 'i' from my address when replying by email.
  10. Martin

    Martin Guest

    Well, considering 3 terminal regulators are usually rated at 1A max, not
    sure if a bigger heatsink will give you 1.5A! But a very simple pass
    transistor will..... The old DSE catalog use to have the layout for a
    simple 3 terminal voltage regulator + pass tranny.. Search the internet,
    lots of circuits. Remember though that standard regulators need 3 volts
    more on the input than what you need out, so for 12v you would need 15v in
    min, unless you use a low volt reg. which needs about 1.2V...
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