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CD-ROM drive problems

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Chaos Master, Oct 18, 2003.

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  1. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    TEAC 24x IDE CD-ROM drive (identified by Windows as a LITE-ON drive, connected
    as a 'primary slave' drive, if that matters).

    Problem: the drive will often reset reading (i.e. move to start of the track).
    This is irritating when playing an audio CD.

    Oddly enough, this happens only with audio CD's. The same CD's I used for
    testing play OK on other drives. Data CD's run OK too. I have checked the system
    for hardware conflicts, and there are no conflicts.

    What could be the causes of this problem?
  2. Spudley

    Spudley Guest

    * The control register R1 value set in bit 7 of the seek to read ID
    identifier for track and data location refferenced by the counter that
    compares valid retries in the CRC has become erratic.
    This can only be remedied by a re-write of the firmware to correct
    this anomaly, as some of the ROMS that are used to store the BIOS code
    needed to be written and verified at least 3 to 5 times for it to
    stick. It is a single bit offset in that register that is the cause.
    Due to it being more expensive to have the EEPROM over written, "which
    has to be carried out by the Manufacturer" than to purchase a New
    CD-ROM drive.

    I suggest that you do the latter, a New CD-ROM Drive should cost you
    around $30-$40

    * This part may or may not be true. :)

  3. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Spudley engraved with a +2 athame:

    [snip story about a CD drive]
    :p, and I'll throw this drive in the trash and buy a new one. They're REAL CHEAP
    here in Brazil.
  4. Spudley

    Spudley Guest

    I could have said "Why bother trying to repair it when it's less
    expensive to replace?" but there would have been no fun in saying
    that. :)

  5. Uns Lider

    Uns Lider Guest

    What's wrong with just saying "I don't know"?

    -- uns
  6. Ting F. Chui

    Ting F. Chui Guest

    I think the CD-ROM has a problem following the track, perhaps you should
    clean the lens. If that doesn't work, you could try the firmware.


  7. Spudley

    Spudley Guest

    No fun in that!

    Rule of thumb applies to DVD/CD Burners/Players. If cleaning the Laser
    doesn't fix the reading/writing of the media or obtaining an firmware
    update to remedy the problem, then she's had it. It's cheaper to go
    out and buy a new one than to repair it.
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