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CD Player Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Robert Blum, Feb 13, 2004.

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  1. Robert Blum

    Robert Blum Guest

    I have an old MAGNAVOX CD player which works fine with commercial CDs
    however it does not work reliably with CD-R CDs which do work well in
    my computer CD drive and in a new DVD drive.

    I have cleaned the laser lens with no improvement. Does any one have
    any suggestions or is it likely that since this player predates CD-Rs
    that there is nothing that will help it?

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.
  2. Even some modern CD players have trouble with some CD-Rs. Probably best
    to just leave well enough alone. The signal from CD-Rs may be lower
    than for normal CDs. If you've cleaned the lens using the proper
    technique (not just a lens cleaning disc which can be worse than
    useless), then nothing more you can do.

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  3. Robert Blum

    Robert Blum Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I cleaned the lens with a Q TIP and alcohol.
  4. I have an old MAGNAVOX CD player which works fine with commercial CDs
    More than likely, there is nothing wrong with your CD player.

    Older CD players may not be able to read CD-R discs reliably. As been
    mentioned before, even newer CD players can have trouble.

    My only suggestion would be to burn any CD-R you have at a lower speed. This
    may help in making a CD-R more readable in a vintage CD player, but this is not
    a guarantee.

    You must remember that CD players back in the day were never intended to play
    recordable and rewritable media and, therefore, weren't designed to accomodate
    them fully. - Reinhart
  5. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Robert Blum:
    I completely agree with the reply post from Sam Goldwasser..... If you have
    cleaned the laser lens properly there is very little more you can easily do.
    CDR's can be a "question mark" with many brands and models of CD players....
    new and old. If your unit plays just about all the standard store-bought
    CDs without a problem then there is very little to fix..... usually any
    attempt to fix it so it will play CDRs likely will be unsuccessful AND the
    unit may become less reliable with standard store-bought CDs..... my advice
    is to leave it alone and play your CDRs on another machine.
  6. Also, try other brands and dye/colors. Some players may work better with
    certain combinations.
  7. Robert Blum

    Robert Blum Guest

    Thanks to all who replied. I will forget about playing CD-R records on
    this player.
  8. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    They make Audio CD-R , the dye is alittle different and they cost
    slighlty more and forces the CD writer to burn slower due to dye
  9. You could try CD-R's burned at a slower speed.

    Magnavox (Philips) players are among the few I've seen which had problems
    with CD-R's even if the pickup wasn't deteriorated.

    Mark Z.
  10. The only difference between data and audio CD-R's is a flag set in the
    ATIP, and a special tax added. The flag is read by audio CD-R recorders
    (the kind you hook to your stereo system), which will not work with
    regular data CD-R's.
  11. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Hmm, is that correct, why is it that my older CD player only from
    Radio Shaft will play one of my computer CD-R about 10 times only ,
    after that is starts getting wacked out and the more i tried the worse
    it gets, at that point it become unreadable in my CD-R from the
    computer. if i use the AUDIO rated ones its about 10 times longer to
    burn them but i have not had a life problem yet using them in my older
    player? i am only relaying what was told me long ago about CD's and
    from what i have experienced it seems to follow through.
    I am aware of the flag settings in CD's. but i don't think its the
    only factor.
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