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CD player problem...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by scott, Oct 13, 2003.

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  1. scott

    scott Guest


    I'm not a big electronics expert by any means. I can fool around with
    most things well enough to get them to work well, but this has me

    I've got a Panasonic DVD player (RV31) and a Pioneer CD player (m450 -
    6 disk changer). Both work fine - independently. When I hook the
    DVD player to the TV, then the TV into the reciever, the CD player
    will do one of several things...

    1. it stop responding altoghether for long periods of time
    2. it will play, but with LOTS of static and noise
    3. it will change CD's but not play them, not skip songs on a
    particular CD

    If left alone for LONG periods of time (literally hours), and set to
    play, it sometimes will begin play with static and eventually play
    regularly - but not always.

    When I disconnect the TV from the receiver, the problem remains. When
    I take the receiver and CD player to a different room, all is well.
    If I bring the CD player by itself and plug it into the same power
    strip as the TV, it starts acting up again. I've replaced the power
    strip with a brand new one, but to no avail. I've replaced the
    connector from the TV to the receiver with a shielded cable, no help.

    If I plug the CD player (by itself - no connections to anything else
    whatsoever) into *any* outlet in the same room as the TV/DVD player -
    it acts up. Move it to any other room - works fine.

    The rest of the stereo components work fine (turntable, receiver,
    cassette player) just the CD player has problems.

    I assume that there's some sort of interference between the DVD/TV and
    the stereo -OR- some sort of electrical circuitry problem in the room
    with the TV/DVD player.

    Any ideas?


  2. Is it possible that the CD player may be picking up interference, like from any
    near-by loudspeakers? - Reinhart
  3. Or a ground-loop involving the antenna / cable ground?

    Also, the PD-M450's had an RF interference problem.

    Mark Z.
  4. scott

    scott Guest

    (Sorry if this posts twice - having some newsserver latency issues


    As I said before, I'm no electronics whiz... could you explain this to
    me in simple terms?

    There's no cable (in the sense of Time-Warner cable TV) connected to
    this setup - just a set of rabbit ears and we just watch what we can
    get with them (which is not too bad - all major nets, plus Fox, UPN,
    WB, a couple PBS stations and a couple of other independent stations)

    There are TWO antennas connected to the receiver - both simple
    antennaes - a small wire loop antennae for the AM and a longer wire
    antenna for the FM that's simply strung along part of the outline of
    the entertainment center.

    Thanks for your help!

  5. randy

    randy Guest

    try anoher tv , sounds like its' filter is bad.
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