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cd pickup advise

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Yoong Ping Lim, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    Wonder if you can kindly offer me some information on CD pickup with
    regards to:

    1. pinout

    2. the structure, especially optics ( I have observed that the pickup
    structure differs from one model to another, is it possible for you
    to list or provide source of optics information of the cd pickup along
    with the product model, etc).

    Thank you very much for your aid rendered and time. I have read
    through sam laser faq but it is too generalised.

    Yours sincerely,
    Yoong Ping, Lim
  2. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    it's a very generalised subject, every manufacturer does it differently,
    so it's better if you focus on a particular model.
  3. mikelim

    mikelim Guest

    which one do you suggest that i follow. can you tell me one that you
    are experienced with? so that i can turn to you for advice. thank you.
  4. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    well, most are simple mechanisms, but you have to find the pinouts pretty
    much by yourself, there may be someone to help if you do ask, but which do
    you have? i picked one up from walmart, cost 10 bucks, worked, ripped it
    apart, probed it, then connected it to a yamaha mp3 chip. there's likely
    to be a stepper motor interface and some way of telling where the read
    head is, it's rather simple. has schematics, for free,
    of the older versions of their hardware, it should do what you want, or at
    least give you an idea of what you need, a logic analyser.
  5. mikelim

    mikelim Guest

  6. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    okee, i'm ready to answer, but only cause i'm about to fall asleep, maybe
    it's a different version with a slightly diferent packagine method. could
    be the signals are the same, timing the same, but maybe even the colour
    would give it a different number, look in the ordering section of the
    datasheet for the one you can find, it may tell you.
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