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CD/MP3 player laser diode problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Vadik Mura, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. Vadik Mura

    Vadik Mura Guest

    Hi there i have a small problem.
    I have a CD/MP3/VCD player, everything was ok till one day when the
    Anti-shock disappeared.
    I went to my friend who sad that it just needs to be attuned, there is
    a diode(in form of a screw,at the back of the lens,that can be
    rotated).He attuned it for several hours and now the lens can't focus,
    on that diode are some signs(like 2,6, and an arrow, access my web
    page where i wrote a better description)

    Thx. for help
  2. Patch

    Patch Guest

    You can't just start tweaking adjustments & expect it to work. You will need
    to do an alignment with the proper test equipment.
  3. No, you _had_ a small problem, now you _have_ a big problem! 8*)
    Was it still playing OK after the Anti-shock disappeared?
    Playing with the physical calibration of a system like that is just
    asking for trouble. While a factory authorized service place _might_
    be able to re-tune it (for a fairly large chunk of change), it's also
    likely that your friend broke something while mucking about.

    I'd have tried cleaning the lens first, and then thrown it away if
    that didn't help. Too many things nowadays are more expensive to
    repair than replace...
  4. Guest

    Please define 'anti-shock disappeared. Are you saying it became
    sensitive to vibration or shock? That 'diode screw' was probably the
    laser power adjustment or worse one of the alignment settings.

    If it's not working at all now, it's either way out of alignment or
    the laser power is too far off, or the laser diode is damaged by too
    much power. None of this is fixable without proper tools like an

  5. Guest

    I'd have started with the obvious things like cleaning the lens and
    track. If all else failed, I'd mark the adjustments before tweaking
    the laser power up a hair. Failing that, I'd start turning everything
    just before I took a sledge hammer to the remains. :}

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