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CCTV Cameras

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Socrates, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    A cctv camera will never provide good quality because the resolution,
    sensor chip and lens quality are nowhere near as good as a digital
    stills camera.

    So connect a digital stills camera to your laptop or pc and you will
    obtain wonderful clear images of the camera scene for cctv purposes.

    See sample images on the website below. They are the clearest cctv
    images in the world.
  2. pcbutts1

    pcbutts1 Guest

  3. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Awesome! I can't think of a single application where a laptop computer with
    an expensive single frame Digital Camera could be utilized in a real world
    surveillance situation. At least you'd have the "flash" for covert night
    I think you're a little confused...but do let us all know how your marketing
    campaign goes...
  4. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Actually even a cheap digital camera has better resolution than the average
    CCTV camera. Even the expensive CCTV cameras aren't all that great IMO.
    Its always been a tough for sell for me when a camcorder provides better
    video quality than a CCTV camera. In fact years ago because of this we
    setup an old camcorder camera for the check cashing line at my parents
    grocery store. It was one of those with an recorder carried on a shoulder
    strap. We modified it to go to a regular recorder, and it worked great for
    many years of continuous service.

    We as an industry are deluding ourselves if we want to compare CCTV imaging
    to digital cameras, most camocredrs or any digital camcorder. With SVHS and
    HI-8 recorders as cheap as they are these days I can't understand why CCTV
    cameras cost so much to get a fraction of the resolution and still have to
    be tweaked and adjusted for a particular application.

    Even so I tend to only use the better res cameras. The only positive is the
    cameras we use today are so much better than the cameras we used 15 years
    ago that commercial customers are still pleased with the improvement. Well
    atleast commercial customers who had cameras 15 years ago. LOL

    Bob La Londe

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  5. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    Take your crap somewhere else. There are a multitude of digital CCTV
    cameras, processing, and recording devices that will deliver better
    than DVD quality video. Digial "Megapixel" CCTV cameras are readily
    available that are designed to integrate into a real CCTV system.

    There are so many inaccuracies on your garbage website that I don't
    know where to start. Suffice to say, I've been involved in the design
    of many high-end video systems for customer with nearly unlimited
    resources. These people would laugh at your ideas.
  6. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    I'm pretty impressed with the resolution I get off most of the Network
    Cameras we use.
    When you place a 470 line resolution camera on a 380 line resolution
    monitor...that's the effects most customers see. The digital chip sets are
    certainly much better, but you also get what you pay for. Panasonic makes a
    970 lines resolution camera, but at $975 a camera (fixed)...if there are
    used in the right application, with the right lens, displayed on the right
    Most CCTV installs are always the low bid, at low to medium specifications.
    You get what you pay for. Cameras serve their purpose...unless you're a
    photographer. Then nothings good enough.
  7. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Let's see who is talking crap. Post just ONE image produced by "one of
    your many" high-end video cameras so it can be compared with the CCTV
    images on

    I think your customers will throw their CCTV cameras into the nearest
    garbage bin when they see the quality that an ordinary digital stills
    camera can produce when it is connected to a laptop or pc.

    So the proof is in the pudding...either put up just ONE quality image
    taken with your "mega pixel" cameras, or shut up.

    Mega pixel video cameras mean nothing if your shutter speed is stuck at
    1/50th of a second, as most CCTV cameras are. That is one reason why
    you get such bad quality when using video cameras -they can't capture
    people in movement. You just end up with a blur, or pixelation, and
    that is even before the video is compressed to the hard drive for
  8. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Panasonic makes a
    970 lines resolution camera, but at $975 a camera (fixed)...if there
    used in the right application, with the right lens, displayed on the

    If you display any image from a CCTV camera on a VGA monitor you will
    get a nice clear view of the camera scene.

    You are however simply monitoring the live feed from the camera -you
    are not looking at the saved images or video which has to be converted
    from an analogue TV-lines-signal to a digital compressed file - and
    therein lies the problem.

    In the capturing, conversion and compression of an analogue signal
    coming from an analogue CCTV camera, you end up with a dog's dinner of
    an image, so that in almost all cases it is impossible to identify the
    people in the image unless they are standing completely still right in
    front of the camera with their nose pressed to the lens!

    This is so even when the video camera is a digital "megapixel" variety,
    as in a network ip camera. The resolution of 2 megapixels together with
    a slow shutter speed and inferior lenses used in the technology mean
    that one cannot obtain clear enough images of people's faces - one can
    only get a general impression for example of a car park - one cannot
    see the car number plates or other levels of detail.

    If however you connect a simple digital stills camera such as a Canon
    Powershot S2iS via a USB cable to a laptop or pc, which can reside
    under the shop counter on in a cupboard in your home, it will capture
    stunning pictures of anyone in the camera scene, even if they are
    running past the camera.

    This is because you are able to set the shutter speed to 1/125th of a
    second, and the sensor on a digital stills camera is at least 4
    megapixels even on a cheap version. The technology and lenses are also
    geared up for taking clear images, whereas digital video cameras are
    more geared up for simple monitoring purposes - not for saving clear
    sequential jpg images of a camera scene.
  9. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    We are not marketing anything - we've made our money and have retired
    long ago.

    What we are pointing out is that by connecting an ordinary USB camera
    like a Canon Powershot S2iS to your laptop or pc, you can save
    wonderfully clear images to the hard drive on a time lapse or motion
    detection basis.

    Even if someone is running past the camera across the street, it will
    capture them in sharp detail.

    The camera comes with its own Remote Capture Software - all you need is
    a pc or laptop to connect the camera up and you've got the best CCTV
    system money can buy, for use in homes or businesses.

    A Canon S2iS digital stills camera costs about $700 and most of us
    already have a laptop we can use for storing the images.

    If there is any confusion it is not on our part - we're not confused
    when we look at the quality of the images a digital stills camera
    produces, even at night time using a separate motion detection light.

    What is confusing is having to look at images from video CCTV cameras
    which in almost all cases resemble a dog's dinner.

    So go out and buy a cheap digital stills camera that has remote capture
    software, connect it to your laptop or pc, and relax knowing that it
    will capture clearly anyone moving within the camera scene.
  10. Guest

    A CCTV camera is an industrial model, made to run 24/7, a still camera
    is not.

    A still camera is absolutely useless for CCTV. Lets see, will you find
    a 1000' USB cable for each camera? Whats that about day night? Are
    these cameras weather resistant or vandal resistant, do they have a 5
    year unbreakable warranty, can they see 500' in pitch dark, can i
    install one in my motion detector, or place it outside in a gang box,
    can i roll over it in my SUV, ... etc etc.

    None of the images for CCTV you have on your web page represent the
    high quality of any CCTV system I have used, and I have a long list.

    List some of the many CCTV systems you have used and then we can talk.

    But if you want still images only, then go right ahead, the other
    99.999% of security customers want some kind of motion, and now even
    more than in the past, the need for speed is dominent in the security

    Yes alot of the london systems were pretty much crap, most of them were
    still tape systems, and low res cameras, installed in the wrong

    Simply put. all the information on your web page/site is totally
    You are using examples of poorly installed CCTV jobs, and nothing you
    said about the use of still cameras makes any kind of sense.

    Care to discuss, visit us at
  11. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    I dunno about you jack but I aways bid jobs with Nikon D2X cameras mounted
    on light poles out in the parking lot. That gives us the opportunity to sell
    another D2X mounted on another pole to watch who steals the first one.
  12. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Again, other than sitting on a desk next to a laptop, which has next to no
    applications in the world of surveillance, could this possibly benefit.

    Authorities don't care who has the highest quality image, they care that the
    perpetrator is identifiable, and the means capable of intervention. Your
    method would be the laughing stock of the professional industry. All you've
    proven, is what a complete waste of time your efforts have been. Make it
    efficient, and you might be on to something.
  13. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    I'd probably spec the Kodak easy shoot disposable camera in a situation like
  14. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    I think I'd lay a little lower in your retirement.
    Less communication with the outside world might help.
  15. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Hello - You ask the following:

    Will you find a 1000' USB cable for each camera?

    Ther is no need for a long usb cable between the camera and the
    laptop/pc -as the images can be stored on a wireless network computer
    on another part of the premises.

    In a few months time (say by November 2005) you should be able to
    purchase a wireless transmitter that will send the images direct to the
    pc without any cable.

    What about day night?
    See the images on the website and decide for yourself - you can almost
    see the veins in the leaves on the trees - you can't get more detail
    than that.

    At night, you need a separate motion detector light of 1,000 watts to
    illuminate the camera scene.

    Are these cameras weather resistant or vandal resistant?

    Yes - if you house them in an external housing, although personally I
    prefer to position a digital stills camera inside a property looking
    through the window. Then it is less noticeable and there is no need to
    worry about vandals or the weather.

    Do they have a 5 year unbreakable warranty?

    I don't know - you can look on the Canon website. Some tests by PC
    Professional magazine have shown that even if you drop a Canon digital
    camera on the floor several times, the case may break but it will still

    Can they see 500' in pitch dark?
    Yes - provided you illuminate the camera scene with a motion detector

    Can I install one in my motion detector?

    There's no need - you can download a simple software utility that will
    enable you to set up trigger spots on the live viewfinder display on
    the desktop, which will trigger the camera as soon as the pixels under
    the trigger spots change.

    Can I roll over it in my SUV?

    Yes - but in that case you may be taking snapshots of a clear blue sky.
  16. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Give me a break PLEASE! you are comparing a $1000 plus video digital
    camera to a $59 noname crap camera?

    Yes - and the quality is even better. Actually, a Canon S2iS digital
    stills camera costs about $650-$700.
  17. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Well instead of putting a digital stills camera on a pole in the middle
    of the parking lot, try and put one on a wall bracket inside the
    parking attendant's kiosk, where it won't be seen so easily.

    Until a wireless transmitter is marketed for camera peripherals and not
    just for printers, you will not be able to stick a digital stills
    camera on a pole anyway without it physically being connected to a
    laptop nearby via a USB cable.
  18. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    We'll all be quite low soon in our retirements- 6' under. Then there
    won't be any communication with any world, or any need for cctv.
  19. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Authorities don't care who has the highest quality image, they care that the perpetrator is identifiable, and the means capable of intervention.

    Agreed. If you have a system in place that works then carry on using

    We don't need to prove anything - either you use a digital stills
    camera with remote capture software that can save images to a pc/laptop
    on motion detection or time lapse basis, or you don't.

    All we are pointing out is a method that can take very good pictures
    for cctv purposes, using an ordinary digital stills camera connected to
    a pc/laptop.

    It may not work in all situations, but some people may find the method
  20. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    It does exist.
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