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CCD video camera DC

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by LS, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. LS

    LS Guest

    I have one OLD CCD camera JVC TK-850E for microscope.
    On the rear there are two connectors:
    2) AUTOIRIS with three holes 1 GND 2 VIDEO 3 DC IN
    The DC is 14.5V 9.3W
    How I make the dc connection and use the video camera with my pc ? thanks
  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    From that description, the camera is ' phantom powered '. This is quite
    common to save on cabling. The DC supply goes up the coax, normally + to the
    centre core, and - to the braid. It is injected via a small choke to isolate
    the low output impedance of the supply, from the high frequency video. The
    video signal appears superimposed on the DC. A simple capacitor in series
    with the coax centre, will remove the DC component, but depending on the
    configuration of the input circuit on the device that you are going to feed
    into, the signal may need to be re-clamped first. The capacitor value should
    be fairly large, say 2u2 25v working, with its + terminal facing into the
    coax from the camera. The other socket will be a standard configuration for
    an auto iris lens.

  3. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    I have the TK-S100 which sounds similar but has an extra 'phono' style jack.
    On mine the BNC (labelled CCU) attached to some sort of control unit, from
    which it derived its power, and the phono is the video output. To attach
    your camera to a PC you'll need to buy a video card with 'VIVO' (video in,
    video out- ie a capture card) or a TV card with video in, and buy a lead to
    interconnect them. Probably a phono to phono (as that is what capture cards
    tend to use) and a BNC to phono adapter to fit onto the camera, unless you
    can find a cheap source of BNC to phono leads.

    However, if this camera has no conventional power input, things get very
    much more tricky. I assume the DC is carried along the video cable, so
    unless you are electronically-minded you'll find it impossible to get it
    working without the proper bits to do the job.

  4. LS

    LS Guest

    many thanks for your help.
    I have two input connectors on a pci
    1) composite video In
    2) S-video in
    May I use one of these connectors to connect ccd camera to my PC ?
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