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CCD-V800E Hi8 Camcorder

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Donnie, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Donnie

    Donnie Guest


    I have two CCD-V800E camcorders. One of them developed a fault where upon
    switch on of the camcorder slider power switch to either player or camera
    position the on screen display appears in the viewfinder and then after a
    few seconds starts to break up until after a few minutes the viewfinder
    display video disappears leaving only a blank raster.
    There is no tape in the camcorder yet.

    The same symptom is present when I connect the video output signal from the
    camcorder to an external monitor.
    Today my other camcorder has developed the same fault which makes me think
    that this is a common fault on the V800E.

    The first camcorder was bought in 1993 and the second in 1994. I am
    reluctant to just dump these devices if I can repair them.
    As a previous TV, Video etc engineer I have experience of repairing consumer
    electronics devices and have opened the first faulty device up. After a
    little bit of exploration I dont see any major difficulty in stripping it
    down and think the fault may only be something like a faulty capacitor and
    easily repaired. The surface mount ICs are another story but I have a
    feeling the fault is something simple.

    Does anyone have any technical info from Sony regarding this fault or can
    give me some advice and put me in the right direction to enable me to get
    these camcorders back up and working again as i still have some tapes that I
    need to transfer from Hi8 to digital.

    I have a friend who has a service manual which I will be getting from him
    later this week.
    Any positive help greatly appreciated.

  2. Morse

    Morse Guest

    If the viewfinder is at fault (just 'scope the video feed into it to
    confirm) then it at least narrows it down to a smallish area. If not, it
    just means it'll take a bit longer! Try freeze spray and the heat of a
    soldering iron to pinpoint the offending component, starting with the
    capacitors. Start off by freezing/heating wider areas, (a hair dryer or hot
    air gun is handy for that) then narrow it down from there.

    I have a Sony about that age (V200E semi-pro, cost approx £1500 new) which
    I'm considering writing off due to bad caps. Sometimes it just isn't worth
    the effort.

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