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CCD image sensor for modular spectrometer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jamie, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Guest


    I would like to build a benchtop optical spectrometer based on this
    image sensor or similar:

    S7030/S7031 series back-thinned FFT-CCD made by Hamamatsu:

    Any idea on how much one of these sensors costs? This one is pretty
    high end I think.

    I found an ebay auction with one of these image sensors hooked up to a
    "detector head"

    Here is the datasheet for the detector head:

    My plan is to mount the CCD to a custom PCB that implements the detector
    head functionality and has a USB interface to send the CCD data to PC.
    Then use a fixed optical grating to shine light onto the CCD (like most
    common spectrometers seem to do). I would like it to be capable of
    doing Raman spectroscopy as well as "normal" spectroscopy.

    Any advice for making this spectrometer? If anyone else is interested
    in this project let me know.

  2. Guest

    Look for 1D cameras such as 4096x1, which are used in film scanning or
    scanning objects on the assembly line.
    That products appears to be able to resolve only 100 spectral lines.

    If a 2D element is used, you could build a imaging spectrometer in
    which the Y-axis represents the various wavelengths, the X-axis
    represents actual pixels in the X-axis line, you have a multispectral
    1D camera.

    With mechanical tilting of the grating an CCD in up-down direction,
    you can construct a imaging 2D multispectral camera.
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