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CB whips instead of the standard radio antennae

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by mattmro444, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. mattmro444


    Aug 6, 2014
    Looking at putting a CB whips instead of the standard radio antennae.

    Just wondering if anyone knew what thread was on there as I have measured it and came up with M5X0.8 thread.

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm this.

    MRO Supply
  2. KMoffett


    Jan 21, 2009
    Googling: CB whip antenna mounting thread
    I keep seeing 3/8-24 as the "standard" mounting spec.
  3. JoeM


    Sep 5, 2014
    A whip is a standard radio antenna. The whip has some advantages, but also some disadvantages. Since the whip is so long, it has to be mounted on a bumper, or in a truck bed. The coil loaded antenna can be center mounted on the roof, which is usually the highest point, above all the metal of the vehicle. That is one of the advantages to it. One of the disadvantages to the coil, is that it may limit the amount of power it can handle. If you obey the FCC laws, it will be fine, but most CBers don't obey FCC laws, and run amplifiers to push their output up to far above the legal limit.
    The whip, will be directional, and its direction will be strongest in the direction of the most metal. So if the whip is on the right rear bumper, your strongest receive, and transmit direction will be off the front right of the vehicle.
    The base loaded antenna on the roof, will also have some directional characteristics, but no where as much as the whip will. The reason being that the base loaded antenna, if mounted correctly, will use the vehicle as a ground plane, projecting your signal upward and out,

    As far as your question about thread, if you mount that whip correctly, it will screw into a heavy coil that allows the whip to bend easily without harming it. They also put a tennis ball over the top. They do that to keep the antenna from whipping into the vehicle, and shorting your radio's finals and destroying them. It would also be good to have an easy way to pull the antenna over, so it wasn't so tall, this is in case you have to go under a low bridge, like a train crossing.

    Lastly, if you like CB, you might love Amateur radio. Look for your local Ham Radio club and go to their next meeting, they would love to meet you and introduce you to the world of amateur radio. Don't say no until you take a look.
  4. KMoffett


    Jan 21, 2009
    Reading post #1, it sound like the OP wants use the long CB antenna "in place of " the standard car radio antenna. Not for CB transmission. Just for better AM/FM reception.

  5. KJ6EAD


    Aug 13, 2011
    Yes, and to muddy the waters further, the thread described (M5 x 0.8) may be an SMA connector.
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