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CAT 5 wiring

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by [email protected], May 21, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I've never done CAT 5 wiring - what do I need to
    know before I do a run of it in my house?

    I have the cable - I will need to buy everything
    else, including any special tools if needed.
    I don't know what "everything else" is.

    I can't begin to count the miles of rope/AC/etc
    I've run or boxes installed - running it isn't
    the issue. It's terminating the cable that I
    am asking about.
  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Black has some good information on the color codes. You can look at
    the tools there or Jensen Personally unless your going to make a
    living at doing this I would go to Radio Shack and get what I need.
  3. Guest

    Great! Thanks for the info. One more question - can I do this?
    all on one port from the router? Essentially, running from
    the router to the first rj45 where two cables are connected
    to the wiring side of the rj45 - an in bound and an outbound
    both connected to the rj45 - ie spliced in the rj45.
  4. Kilowatt

    Kilowatt Guest

    If you want it to work you really don't need much.

    If you want it CAT 5 certified you should use CAT 5 tools.
  5. Kilowatt

    Kilowatt Guest


  6. Guest

    Thanks again - nice description!

    You have it right - it's ethernet 10/100 with
    2 PC's permanently wired to a Linksys router in
    room 1. Periodically I connect my third - a
    thinkpad - to the router, leaving 1 port available.
    I wanted to connect the 4th PC, which "lives"
    downstairs in room 4, via wireless to avoid crawling
    around in the attic to install cat5. It connects with
    the new wireless router plugged into the last port
    on the Linksys, but it is very low signal strength
    and gets knocked off

    My new plan is to wire a single rj45 in room2, permanently
    attached to the last available port on the Linksys. Then
    I'll plug the new wireless router into that hub - the new PC
    is in the room directly below. I already tested that with
    a long cat5 jumper cable, and it connects reliably with max
    signal strength. The wireless easily works in rooms 2, 3, & 4
    when it is installed in room2.
  7. SueMarkP

    SueMarkP Guest

    Here's some stuff to read: (look at the "common" category
  8. Guest


    I finished the wiring today - just 1 room at the farthest
    point - works fine. I discovered the Home Depot has cat5
    stuff, as well as Rat Shack. When we need the other two
    rooms, I'll use the wireless or your hub idea. Right now,
    I *don't* want to go back crawling in the attic.
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