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Cassette Pinch Roller

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by CJB, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. CJB

    CJB Guest

    Is there anywhere on the web I can order / purchase small pinch
    rollers for a cassette recorder. The one I have now has a depression
    due to the autostop not working and the player remaining on for many
    hours before I noticed it. I actually need a company in the UK or one
    that can ship to the UK. All I need is the roller - not the mounting.
    I need a selection so that I can use the best one that fits. Many
    thanks - Chris B.
  2. Size? Diameter/Height, internal hole size?
  3. b

    b Guest

    make/model number of machine?

    have you tried cpc, charles hyde, molgar etc etc...
  5. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Find a small local industrial rubber supply company.
    Ask about cordage of the relevant diameter.
    Drill a hole down the centre of a cut piece of this cordage.

    local suppliers to me, Hampshire, England

    Preferably go in when its quiet and stock up with a range of "O" rings and
    they may give you a sample length of cordage, otherwise about 2GBP per
  6. CJB

    CJB Guest

    OK - thanks everyone. Filing the bump out of the roller didn't work -
    so replacement it is. I'll try the cordage idea. Hadn't thought of
    that!! Great idea. Chris Brady.
  7. CJB

    CJB Guest


    But even Alba can't help!!

    Chris B.
  8. b

    b Guest

    a pic of the mech and pinch roller would be useful.chances are it will
    be the same one used on any number of budget machines, the ones
    pre-1984 ish were larger and the ones after that are smaller. you may
    have to get one from a cannibalised junk radio/cassette or midi system
    from the tip or car boot sale.

    meanwhile here is a page with a few
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