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Cassette Deck Belt Drive Replacement

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Rob, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    2 out of 3 cassette decks I own now need belt replacement. Inspection
    reveals it could be quite a challenge to get at the main drive belt.
    Are there any tips and/or tricks out there to do this job without
    having to do a complete disassembly? I am going to tackle the TEAC
    V-306 first and it looks like I am going to have to basically remove
    the entire cassette storage and drive assembly so as to pull out the
    main drive pulley forward to slip on the belt. I have to believe that
    the designers took this into account and made accommodations.
  2. scada

    scada Guest

    There is no easy way around it, usually. Study the mechanism carefully prior
    to disassembly. As you remove screws, parts, place them in a container that
    will separate them from other parts (egg carton works well). Place the parts
    in the order of disassembly (left to right, or whatever) so you assemble in
    reverse. Place paper or equivalent on work area (tape it down), and even on
    the floor . It's easier to find those really small screws when they drop!
    You should replace also the capstan, and even the clutches. Those are the
    common parts that wear in tape machines.
  3. Suggestion. Do you have a digital camera? Even better if it has a
    macro function. Get pix of the mechanism before (and during)
    disassembly). I find that to be helpful, especially if you're
    unfamiliar with the unit.
  4. Rob

    Rob Guest

    I was thinking of using my webcam to snap some photos along the way,
    as I don't have a digital camera. I'm against them. Since there
    doesn't seem to be something similar on the web, I am wishfully
    thinking to post the photos with some notes to serve as a starting
    point for anyone else attempting this. I understand
    and mcmelectronics have a wide assortment of inexpensive belts. As
    far as replacement of other parts, I don't think it is really worth it
    at this point. The units don't even really get used anymore, I
    thought it would be a good time killer for a rainy sunday afternoon...
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