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Casiowriter CW-16 User Manual..

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ken [email protected], May 13, 2007.

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  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    I need to get hold of a Manual for this, or a copy if some one can help, we need to send this
    typewriter to the Philippines for a Grand child to use, as they are desperate for one..

  2. No hits with google? Why not see if this guy

    will sell you the manual?
  3. Ken

    Ken Guest


    Product is no longer listed and I don't need another, just a User Manual or Copy.

    No hits at all on Google, but plenty of the Typewriters for sale, but not worth buying because of
    the freight.
  4. BTMO

    BTMO Guest

    Email the company.

    They may be able to email you a pdf of the document.

    Just curious - why do you need a manual? Typewriters (and they are pretty
    well past their useby date now) don't have a lot of controls on them...
  5. BTMO

    BTMO Guest

  6. Ken

    Ken Guest

    The are not Companies but firms like EBay., not all English.

    This is a Electronic Typewriter, and to be used by a Poor Filipino Family, like most are.
  7. Ken

    Ken Guest

  8. BTMO

    BTMO Guest

    Casio IS a company, and while the link I provided you is Casio Japan, the
    form the link points to specifically asks you to complete it in English.
    And if they can't even get the thermal ribbons, of what utility is the
    typewriter to them?

    This sounds a little like the old missionary thing of sending used, dried
    teabags to the mission fields.

    "Well, this stuff is of no earthly use to use, it is just a cast-off, but I
    can send it to the other side of the world where it will be greatfully
  9. BTMO

    BTMO Guest

    Actually, a big waste of time was trying to help you.

    Companies often keep old manuals in case someone wants instructions some
    years down the track.

    Given that it would have been faster for you to email them and find out for
    sure if they had a manual they could email you, than post a question here, I
    wonder what your real motivation is.
  10. Ken

    Ken Guest

    And I wonder what yours is..

    Just to criticize and of no help at all.

    Panasonic here have PDF Manuals on there Web site even for old stuff, Casio does have some watch
    manual you can dnload but not for 2 of the older LCD watches that I have..
  11. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Well I have been around far longer that you and have been in that trade, I do know when its a waste
    of time..

    I wonder how old you are with a attitude like that..
  12. Actually, when people don't mention any attempt they've made already,
    it's impossible to tell whether they are lazy or have just forgotten
    to mention that they've done searches.

    Just yesterday, I got a Casio organizer that was made about 2000. I
    bought it at a garage sale for $3.00. I came home, and immediately did
    a search. Right away, I found a site that was about the device, and it
    included a link to the Casio website where the manual is.

    It is usually quite difficult to not find information on the internet about
    older equipment. The more popular an item, the easier it is. Because not
    only may the manufacturer put the information online, but third parties
    will put up information because they have an interest in the product. Those
    two hand me down digital cameras I have? I've got manuals off the web
    that I found because I did searches. Often, even if you can't find
    information specific to a piece of equipment, you can find information
    about a similar unit, that is generally applicable to the piece you have.

    When it is so easy to find information, if a poster doesn't want to be
    called lazy it's up to them to mention that they've done searches.

  13. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Yes I spent a Day on google and also on Casio, been using the Net way back when it was first started
    here, so I am no Nubee..
  14. At $2 tell the seller to keep the typewriter and post the manual.
  15. BTMO

    BTMO Guest

    You did notice that I provided you with a *link* to the webform that would
    have allowed you to *ask* the company directly, didn't you?
    You know, from the two minutes I spent reading the site, I realise that.

    I also mentioned that some companies DONT put all of their out of date
    manuals online - but often have them available for people clever enough to
    ask them directly.

    Oh well...

    .... guess you miss out.
  16. BTMO

    BTMO Guest

    So you wasted a day doing something that should have only taken two minutes.

    Sure, you have been around since the net started, but it is clear you
    haven't learned much.
  17. BTMO

    BTMO Guest

    You don't seem to have learned very much.

    How old are you?

    Oh, and which part of my attitude do you dislike? The part where I provided
    information that would have led you to the material you wanted, or the
    "well, you can take a flying ****" when you decided you didn't want what was
    probably going to help you?

  18. Which tirade is that? I've serviced electronic equipment for
    paychecks for 42 years.

    You act like a spoiled ten year old. Why would they put them on line
    when they can sell them for an inflated price? I have never found a
    Casio manual online for anything I've had on the bench. After looking at
    their low build quality, most of it wasn't worth even printing a manual
    when they were new.
    has the manual, a new ribbon and the original box for $49.95. buyitnow.

    It took me all of ten seconds to find it online. Either buy it, or

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  19. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Thanks Yes I did..
  20. Ken

    Ken Guest

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