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case grounded motor wiring

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Pat Kilgore, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Pat Kilgore

    Pat Kilgore Guest

    I am wiring a car windshield wiper motor directly to a car battery. The
    wiring diagram says +12v Terminal1 -12v case grounded
    Does that mean to connect positive lead to terminal one and the negative
    lead from the battery is made to contact the case, probably at the
    mounting bolt?
    I realized that is probably as basic a question as it gets, but if you
    don't know?

  2. It means that there is one obvious terminal and that one goes to the
    positive side of the battery. The case connects to the negative side
    of the battery. In other words, it is designed for a negative (side
    of the battery connected to) ground system.
  3. Pat Kilgore

    Pat Kilgore Guest

    Thanks. Works like a charm. Now I'm curious why you don't toast
    yourself, or at least get a thrill when you grab the engine block.
  4. A1: You don't complete the circuit. In order for any current to flow you
    need to touch both terminals of the battery, and when you touch the engine
    block you are only connected to one of them.

    A2: 12V is too little to feel anyways, unless you stick it on your tongue.
    Though you could do some arc welding if you put a screwdriver across the
    terminals (because a very high current is available).

  5. Guest

    You need to be touching two different potentials with the difference
    large enough to drive at least a milliamp or more through you before
    you feel a shock. Dry skin resistance is normally in the 10s of
    thoudsands of ohms. 12 volts can't push enough current through that to
    be above the threshold of sensation. Most people start to feel a
    tingle somewhere between 40 and 70 volts across dry skin. Your tongue
    requires much less. If you puncture the skin (or it is wet, especially
    with salt water), much less is needed for a shock.
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