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Car Voltage Stabilizer

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Guest


    I got my hands on a unit of car voltage stabilizer. This thing is
    suppose to regulate the 12V fluctations when the engine is running. I
    have opend up the unit to see the circuitry.

    Basically there are about 10pcs of capcitors with capcitance values
    ranging from 1000uF to 470uF. There is an LM324N op amp IC and a poly
    LED which acts as an voltage level indicator which different colour of

    Does anybody have or know where on internet I am able to view the
    schematics in order to analyse its effectiveness?

  2. For what purpose would you use this?
  3. Some instruments operating on the hot wire principle so they react slowly
    - like fuel gauges - need a stabilised voltage supply.
  4. ch

    ch Guest

    It is suppose to improve on car radio reception quality by reducing
    voltage fluctuation noise. Anyway I am not able to verify that as I
    have not yet install it.
  5. If the largest cap is 1000µF it'll not have much effect on the average car
    radio, voltage wise.
  6. That's a filter.
    I have no idea what you have.
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