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Car Remote Control - jamming

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Guest


    All of our cars have remote controls and up until yesterday worked
    fine on our driveway. However now none of the car remote controls
    work on our driveway, if we unlock our cars manually and drive up the
    road the remote controls work.

    Can anyone suggest what might cause this?

  2. First suspect in any situation like this: Batteries in the remotes.

    Happy tweaking.
  3. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    All of them at once? Not very likely IMO.
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    do you have wireless pole cable systems in your area?
    if so, it's possible a recent installation maybe saturating
    the receivers in the cars in the area of problems.
  5. Guest

    Checked batteries - still don't work on the drive but all remotes work
    down the road.
  6. Guest

    Not that we know of, everything worked fine until yesterday (Saturday)
    and then ours and visitors cars all failed to respond to remotes.
  7. Mike_in_SD

    Mike_in_SD Guest

    wrote in <[email protected]>:

    I dont know where you live. But .. I live in San Diego and for people
    along the coast, what you describe is not unusual. I have heard that
    the Navy does jamming tests but cannot confirm this. All I know is that
    when I get off work downtown(near the ocean) my alarm remote will not work,
    but when I get out of my car at home (away from the coast) it works

    This doesnt happen all the time .. just every now and then.
  8. Um.. HE said they all worked after he drove away from his house... Those
    batteries much be intelligent to know that.
  9. Chances are its noise. After all if it works in one place and not another
    then theres not many possibilities.

    If you know where the reciever is you could try to put the remote right next
    to it and see if it works then.

    Chances are something else is transmitting on that signal and causing

    You could try something like trangulation to find the problem if you like
    treasure hunt type of stuff.

    That is, get a map and start at some point and mark on the map if the remote
    worked at that point or not. Move to the next point and try again. Keep
    doing this and you might end up with a circle and at the center would be
    your problem(approximately). Of course this assumes that whatever is
    interfering with the signal occurs at a single spot and is able to radiate
    in all directions equally well.

    Although it might be kinda hard to do something like that because you can't
    drive your car just anywhere... but it might give you a good idea.

    Theres absolutely no reason why they shouldn't work except if something else
    is using the same frequency band. (radio transmission is suppose to be
    spatially invariant and if it wasn't then it would be quite useless. That or
    your in some type of gravitational worm hole thingamajig.)
  10. That would imply an arcing electrical circuit close to the house.
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