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Car/Auto inline aerial filter...

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Mike Deblis, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. Mike Deblis

    Mike Deblis Guest


    I'm looking at the internals of a car aerial in-line filter (noise
    suppression). It has a coax input& output & another white lead... Should the
    extra lead go to ground, earth or where?

    It's a passive filter with a 10nF ceramic cap between input & output, and
    what looks like a 5.6uH & 2.6mH & 22uF 50V cap in series between input &
    ground. At the junction of the 22uF cap & 2.6mH inductor, there is a tap to
    a 2.2uH inductor, the other end of which is connected to the white lead. I
    hope this makes sense.

    I'm pretty sure of the component values - I checked then with an Atlas LCR
    meter (good enough for this job).

    What's this extra white lead for?

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