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Car Antena problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BestestWorker, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. When the radio is on AM, I can hardly hear my favorite channels. When I touch
    the antenna the signal comes in much stronger. I am about 40 miles from the
    transmitter. FM is no problem from the same distance.

    Other than clipping a wire to the antenna and wrapping it to my wrist while I
    drive, is there anything that you can suggest?

  2. Terry

    Terry Guest

    You didn't mention if has always been that way or went faulty in
    that manner. Is it a 'factory installed' original or was radio
    added or changed since the car was made? What kind of antenna is
    If it's always been like that you may find that there is a small
    'trimmer' adjustment screw that tunes/adjust for the particular
    antenna situation in your car that was never 'set up' right in
    the first instance. These can sometimes have a very big effect on
    how strongly the signal is received and possibly more so on AM
    than FM?
    Other than that there may be break in the wire in the cable from
    antenna to set. A loose or disconnected plug or corrosion and/or
    short circuiting at the base of the antenna. Because of the
    higher frequency of FM sometimes these problems can deaden AM
    more than FM signals.
    More (a lot more) information needed!
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