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Caps caps caps...

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Fred Bartoli, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Guest

    Those are pretty ugly--looks almost like Z5U.
    *That* sounds impossible--ESR should be milliohms. I couldn't find a
    spec, but the datasheet boasts:

    "Owing to their low ESR and excellent frequency
    characteristics, these products are optimally suited for
    high frequency and high-density type power supplies."
    I measured a range of caps, up to about 10uF. I think the smallest
    was 0603, best (and biggest) was 0805.

    I'm afraid my notes are buried, but the upshot (and mfr's application
    data) was that high C/volume implies ultra hi-k materials, which are
    responsible for the high dC/dV coefficient.

  2. Him? He can go buy an enema bag if he "wants tubes".

    You? You could sit on a 180 kV X-Ray tube, and the 9 inch by 4 inch
    diameter tube would disappear up your fat, sloppy ass instantly.
  3. legg

    legg Guest

    Sockets are just another component that can fail, and typically cost
    more than the components they secure.

  4. Guest

    The best audio amps still use tubes. You cant reproduce their sound
    quality with any solid state stuff. I mightr be old, but my hearing
    still works.
  5. Guest

    Audiophools are a dime a dozen for two-cent IQ.
  6. Guest

    Must be possible, some sort of parametric oscillator...

    For sure it's a monster varactor, we've yakked about that here before.

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