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Capacitor, PS pice and leakage

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by john, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. john

    john Guest


    I am trying to simulate a DC block circuit in PS PICE. I am using the
    following practical circuit

    I replaced the voltage to current section with the current source
    symbol given in PS pice. Please find the circuit diagram in the
    following link

    I have following questions

    1. How can I see the capacitor charging and discharging in PSPICE? I
    found the capacitor always charged whenever I run the simulations.

    2. What is the difference between voltage to current converter and
    constant current source? The INA circuit that I am using could be a
    constant current source ( plz. refer link1) and can be replaced with
    the current source given in PSPICE. I tried to use the PSpice models
    of INA and opa131 but did not work .

    3. I am trying to get rid of the DC leakage current produced by the
    INA 133 circuit using capacitors. I have discussed this issue in my
    previous post but need more advice! There problem is

    a. At the power up the DAC outputs DC -2.5 volts. The inverting input
    of the INA133 is grounded and the 470uF capacitor is reduing the -2.5
    volts to -0.5 volts accross the 384ohm resistor. There is a volage
    difference between the inputs which reflects at the output. I solved
    this problem partly by using the waveforms that ends at zero. So,
    after sending the waveform out of DAC, the DAC holds the zero and no
    more leakage. But at power up its an issue.

    b. The leakage current is constant and I came up with the circuit that
    I mentioned in the link2 to get rid of it. Any comments!!

  2. john

    john Guest

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