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? capacitor problem - bung Samsung TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Michael Daly, Aug 18, 2003.

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  1. Michael Daly

    Michael Daly Guest

    Does anyone know where would the part be located inside the box, that
    needs replacing, so I can remove that part and take to the workshop?

    Its hard to start the TV - needs repeated switching on and off. Gets
    closer and closer to staying on till finally it turns on

    Its a mid 90's TV - 68cm "gold series" Samsung


  2. Dan

    Dan Guest

    You must post the model/chassis numbers to increase everyones chances of
    being to help you. We cannot supply information without a model/chassis
    number It would be best for you to stop forcing the set to turn on, so as
    to prevent further damage, and a bigger repair bill for you. Take it to a
    service shop where they can give you a proper diagnosis, and an estimate.

  3. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    There are hundreds of capacitors in a TV! The ones likely to cause startup
    faults are in the power supply section, but you can't take it out and take
    it to the workshop, even if you could the repairman will require the whole
    TV for proper diagnosis and testing.

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