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Capacitance value?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by z, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. z

    z Guest

    I have opened my Sky Digibox which has stopped working
    and I am having problems reading capacitor values. For
    example, there are many blue blob type capacitors
    (ceramic dipped resin I guess) which I can't understand,
    for example, one has 221K

    I then took it out and measures 1.4nF if I remember
    correctly. What does 221K mean?
    p.s. it was rated at 2kv - is that a switching psu? anyone
    knows how to troubleshoot those?
    (panasonic tu-dsb20)
  2. Arlet

    Arlet Guest

    try google "capacitor codes" ?
  3. z

    z Guest

    O.k. so what is 221K ?
  4. Arlet

    Arlet Guest

    The first link on google "capacitor codes" points to, which says in the first couple of

    "Now, what about the three numbers? It is somewhat similar to the
    resistor code. The first two are the 1st and 2nd significant digits and
    the third is a multiplier code. Most of the time the last digit tells
    you how many zeros to write after the first two digits, but the
    standard (EIA standard RS-198) has a couple of curves that you probably
    will never see. But just to be complete here it is in a table."

    The single letter at the end is explained a bit further down the page.
  5. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    It's the value in pF as follows. The first and second numbers are the first part
    of the value and the last digit is the number of trailing zeros.

    So 221 = 220 pF

    The K is a tolerance letter ( 10% ).

    The cap you mention sounds like a snubber cap in a switch mode psu.

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