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Canon Laser Printer- 52 Service Error??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mike, Aug 3, 2003.

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  1. mike

    mike Guest


    I have a laser printer Canon LBP-4 Plus that has suddenly and abruptly
    stopped working.
    Soon after going online it reports the 52 Service Error.
    Now, i understand this error could be related to a scanner/laser motor
    My question is.. is this a minor fault that i a begginner could
    attempt to fix or or is it best left to the experts.

    Could someone please give me an overview, on what it would involve,

  2. Bd

    Bd Guest


    Le 2 Aug 2003 20:07:13 -0700, (mike)
    This is sometimes something very easy to fix: just unplug and re-plug
    the cable which comes from the laser motor box (the black box in the
    deepest location inside the printer 8-((.

    If it doesn't work, then, it's most of the time an IC which is known
    to fail (it litterally burns out). Its rmarking is HA13465AMP, it's a
    CMS IC and some people changed it with success, some with less success
    as the design of the circuit is known to have so weaknesses.

    Have a look here (Canon and HP Laserjet are from the same origin:
    Canon factories!):

    A search with google with "error 52" and/or "laserjet" or "canon" will
    give you hundreds of links related to this problem.

    Another way, if you can find the part, is to change the assembly
    located in the blackbox.

    Hope it helps!

  3. Electrolytic capacitors dry out on these boards as well.
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