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Canon DM-MV20E mini-dv camera problem

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by David, Aug 10, 2004.

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  1. David

    David Guest

    Hi All,

    I'm attempting to repair the above model camera.

    The initial problem with the camera was that it wouldn't zoom using the
    camera control. After spending time on the camera, I have come to the
    conclusion that fault is not confined to the zoom switch.

    There is a pcb on the outer side of the cassette door which is protected by
    an outer rubber cover. This PCB doesn't appear to be working (pcb is about
    1.5" in size). Another reason for this diagnosis is that the camera
    constantly asks for the timezone etc to be reset whenever the rechargeable
    battery is taken off the camera. On the PCB there is a lithium battery
    which is measuring 2.6v (I'm not sure if that is the voltage that it should
    be), a manual focus control with an LED and another function button. None
    of these buttons appear to be working. I can't see any obvious cracks in
    the printed cable that runs from the small PCB into the main camera pcb.
    The printed able is reinforced in one section so that the cassette door can
    open without bending the cable too much, this also appears to be ok.

    Has anyone encountered this problem before?

    Any points would be greatly appreciated
  2. Did you (or customer) drop the camera?
    I would check that all connectors are sitting in properly and all flexible
    cables are OK. It is worth simply pulling them out and plugging back in.
    This wil clean the contacts and may help with your problem. Also check power
    supply section, may be one of the fusable resistors/fuses went.

  3. David

    David Guest

    The camera wasn't dropped, the zoom etc just stopped working.

    I can't see any obvious breaks in the printed cable.
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