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Can you help me to discover manufacturer of 4431 1503

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Etantonio, May 17, 2005.

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  1. Etantonio

    Etantonio Guest

    Good Morning,
    I've a Gericom Webshox laptop, it is of 2001, I changed the battery
    but it is still not working, the problem seems to be that the 15 volts
    coming from power supply don't reach the battery, they seems stopped
    from an 8-pin dual in line IC named 4431 1503 that I don't know who is
    the manufacturer, I search for it on internet but with no results.
    To solve the problem I need the following information :

    1) Who is the producer of this IC 4431 1503 or equivalent, it have
    4431 in the first line, a little delta on the second line and
    following 1503
    2) where I can find the schematic of the motherboard N241S1 ver:0.1
    possible for free

    Many thanks for your help

    Antonio D'Ottavio
  2. NK

    NK Guest

    Maybe it is a FDS4431 fet?

    I know that HP uses FDS4435 and several others in laptop power control.

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