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Can TWO power supplies act as ONE bigger power supply?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Bilal, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. Bilal

    Bilal Guest

    Would connecting two power supplies of 12 VDC 6 Amperes,
    in parallel, be equivalent to a practical 12VDC 12 Amperes power

    If yes, can this trend be expanded theoretically for say 'N' number
    of power supplies to be equivalent to one power supply capable of
    delivering N X 6 Amperes ?

  2. Theoretically yes, practically no.
    They tend to have output resistances close to zero,
    so when they are not within mV, they don't share the load.

    There are loadshare controllers that would the expected
    behaviour when the feedback was accessible.

  3. James Meyer

    James Meyer Guest

    Pardon me, but I must say "Bullshit".

    The supplies don't have to share the load at any output current less
    than the rating for one supply. While the output current is increased from
    zero, one supply may provide all the current. But that will happen only until
    that supply reaches it's current limit. At that point, the supply with the next
    lower output voltage will begin supplying current. As the current is increased
    further, that will continue until all the supplies have reached their current
    limits. Beyond that point, the output voltage will, of course, fall.

    You should have said, "theoretically no, practically, yes".

  4. James Meyer wrote...
    We're very current, look how the first four lines all end.

    Anyway, yes I agree completely with you Jim, but one point.

    Some power supplies aren't really designed to run continuously
    at their current limit, and therefore aren't well suited for
    such usage. Often one sees explicit mention of the viability
    of "parallel" connections in the sales brochure if the supply
    can well handle this use. Other supplies have a connector in
    the back, etc, where a wire going between supplies can insure
    "load sharing" which means that both supplies will operate at
    an equal fraction of the load. This is less common, but means
    the paralleled power supplies will operate under less stress.

    - Win
  5. Bilal,

    Yes and no. As so very often it depends. This time it depends on the
    properties of the supplies. Some are even build to make it possible to use
    them in parallel. Others may blow at once. I ever met the circumstance that
    one PSU was not enough, so it switched off. Using two of them in parallel
    they ware pestering each other until one switched off, followed by the other
    as it could not handle the load alone. The solution (quick and dirty) was
    providing more load to keep both power supplies busy. Don't laugh, pure
    simple resistors to consume some hundreds of Watts. So you have to do some
    investigations. If the PSUs have no current limiter, you'd better forget it.
    Good chance you blow them. Same applies if they are different types or
    brands. If you have two of the same type and brand and you can adjust them,
    try to adjust them as equal as possible. Some low resistance high power
    series resistors may help to distribute the load current among both PSUs.
    Try to get as much as data of these supplies you can get. Based on that
    information you can do a try out.

  6. Ira Rubinson

    Ira Rubinson Guest

    I work on equipment that uses PowerOne supplies in a "master - slave"
    configuration to achieve twice the current. These supplies have small 6 pin
    connectors connected by 22 AWG to the same busbar.
    Example: the busbar is supposed to be 5V.
    Both the master and lave are adjusted down so that the busbar is 4.8V
    The slave is adjusted up until the busbar is 4.9V
    The master is adujustd up until the busbar is 5.0V.
  7. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    This will work just fine by Australian standards- so go ahead- parallel
    as many as you can get your hands on.
  8. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

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  10. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Go take a piece of Fred for going off-topic in the first place with
    his introduction of "Australian standards". He's been poncing around
    this newgroup being a Bush/Rumsfeld groupie since the start of the
    Irak rumpus, and richly deserved a spot of counter-nationalism.
  11. N. Thornton

    N. Thornton Guest

    Hi. Well you've had explained what happens with regulated current
    limited supplies. Now what happens with unregulated unlimited
    supplies, which are more common.

    If they share the same V_out, and I mean accurately, not just
    nominally, and if they have the same or close source resistance, then
    they will load share happily. Transformer rectifier capacitor supplies
    like this work fine if the TFs are the same type.

    But if o/c voltage differs, as it often does with different supply
    types, and regulation or source resistance differs (ditto), then they
    will work upto a point but wont load share at all well. Under full
    load one will generally cook, or eventually pop a fuse.

    So, like most things in life, it all depends...

    Regards, NT
  12. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Your talent for extracting information from the internet seems to have
    established that the guy would not have a successful career as an
    interior decorator, even in Queensland, but this has little to do with
    his competence as an electronic design engineer - as far as I know,
    Australian electronic design standards are much the same as for the
    rest of the developed world.

    Would you care to produce a non-nonsensical response?
    Incidentally, how do you shrink a wombat skull? The trick with
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  13. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    Anyone who asks if the parallel supplies have a current rating equal to
    the sum- or is it some other derating factor?- is not a design engineer.

    Just enroll the wombat in the Australian public school system, this
    seems to have worked well on the representative graduates here.
  14. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Which doesn't oblige or excuse an erroneous and misleading response.
    The American system doesn't seem to do much for the capacity to draw
    logical conclusions. Your evidence is based on the functional capacity
    of the brains that have been subject to this treatment.

    The correlation between best proxy we've got for functional capacity -
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    Even if the Australian education system does try to shrink the brain -
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    Persistently drinking excessive amounts of ethyl alcohol (ethanol)
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    Mind you, he had already been exposed to the American educational
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