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Can this really work?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by ngdbud, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. ngdbud

    ngdbud Guest

  2. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    480 watts from a 24" square battery computes to a solar-electrical
    conversion efficiency around 130%.
    Of course not.

  3. Terry Given

    Terry Given Guest

    depends on your definition of "work".

    If you mean "act as a vehicle to extract cash from the hopelessly
    gullible" then yes, it will work well.

  4. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    And *screen printed*!? LMAO, thanks for the joke page.

    Huh, 5kW inverter, with some 'weird fantastic circuitry'... betcha I could
    design better, or Ignoramus could build one with spare parts laying around!
    ....Well hell he has UPS's laying around that already do that LOL :)

  5. ngdbud

    ngdbud Guest

    Didn't think so, but a kid can dream.
  6. Where did come up with the 480 watt spec? I read the info on the web
    site as 12 VDC and 4 amps from the 24 inch "miracle" solar cell. That
    works out to 48 watts in my book. Not that I believe this silk screened
    solar can output more than 0.00 watts.

    Chuck W.
  7. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Oops, sorry, that's more like 13% or so. Still, no homemade solar cell
    will do that.

    Their t-shirt screening system might work.

  8. TimPerry

    TimPerry Guest

    Once you learn this simple technique you can be making as many solar
    cells as you like! and save yourself thousands of dollars! Cover your
    entire roof!

    Just think, Since you can screen print these cells, size is no limit.
    Think about a 24" homemade cell that could be powerful enough to run a 12
    volt dc x 4 amp motor using only one cell! This new way of making solar
    cells was invented by Japan, The US Patent claims that they can be just as
    powerful as our American made silicon solar cells! These cells can be made
    fast and easy by screen printing them onto glass, plastic or metals. Screen
    printing is very simple to do and can be done in your at your own home, many
    of you out there may have already taken screen printing in your art class at
    High School. Screen printing is fun and easy! you do not need expensive
    equipment to screen print

    amazing: this says the the whole country of Japan invented it.

    also from the same folks:

    and this one is really hillarious

    OMG look at this one

    im dying here. i get 20 jokes a day in e-mail and this it the funniest stuff
    i have seen in months.
  9. ngdbud

    ngdbud Guest

    To quote myself earlier, far off claims.
  10. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Maybe if one prints the solar cells on their T-shirt, the power could
    be used to run a motor-dirven propeller on the beanie cap and used for
  11. Naw, for transportation you need something more reliable, like zero-point
  12. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    As I often find myself saying.....

    " Only in America "

  13. hob

    hob Guest

    Hey, if it's on a professional looking website, it has to be true !
  14. TimPerry

    TimPerry Guest

    amazing: this says the the whole country of Japan invented it.
    i donno Graham, scammers seem to come from everywhere. (search for "free
    power from the ionosphere")

    :) Tim
  15. Of course-like any perpetuum mobile it can work for the interest of the
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