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Can someone provide pointers on how to make use of ibis models?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Teece, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Teece

    Teece Guest


    I have been doing designs, digital and analog, for over 20 years, without
    making use of ibis data, but I think that is about to end.

    I was doing a design with one of the newer Altera BGA's and could not find
    the ususal "rise time", "fall time" data, so I inquired to Altera. Altera
    told me that they provide ibis models for more cases than I could count but
    that the "old style" specifications were no longer applicable.

    What I am trying to do is match the output of an Altera device to a
    transmission line. If I don't know the rise time and the output impedance
    then I have little chance of making a good match.

    I tried using the freeware tool from Intusoft that can translate ibis models
    to spice models (I have used spice for a long, long time) but the translator
    would only translate models up to ibis version 3.0. The ibis models
    provided by Altera were based upon ibis 3.2 and there were errors in the

    The whole process of making use of ibis models must be easier than I am
    making it.

    I would think that if I had an ibis simulator, then I could use the ibis
    models provided by manufacturers and then creat ibis models of my own to
    simulate the transmission lines in my design.

    1) Is that last assumption correct?
    2) Are there freeware ibis simulators?
    3) Can someone recommend an inexpensive ibis simulator?
    4) What am I missing in all this that makes the process seem more complex
    than it probably is?

    Thank You
  2. Guest

    try to ask in comp.arch.fpga, Austin from Xilinx is usually pushing
    for people to do ibis sims

  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I know nothing at all about Altera, but I _did_ have an opportunity to
    poke around with the Xilinx development kit, and one thing I noticed in
    the I/O circuits is a "rise time/fall time" control of some kind. You
    might look for something like that.

    Good Luck!
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