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Can reconnecting cable service kill a TV?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    I have a 4 1/2 year-old Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 LCD TV. I typically watch acouple of DVDs a week, but rarely watch television broadcasts. I hadn't used my cable service in over a month, and when I went to try it yesterday, Ihad no cable service. I called my provider (Comcast), who eventually told me that my account had been suspended because I had not used it in over a month. The Comcast rep sent out whatever signal was necessary to restore my service, and was successful in doing so. I watched a few minutes of a hockey game, then shut off the cable and TV. In the evening, I went to watch a DVD, and my TV would not power on. It was (and is) completely dead: nothing lighting up anywhere. I contacted Sony support, who put me through all the steps I had already tried (different outlet, resetting the power cables, etc.). Nothing doing. Completely dead. I have to wonder: Is this definitely acoincidence--first cable service is out, then it's on and TV dies--or is there some way in which restarting the cable service could have caused my TVto fail?
  2. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    A neighbour of mine had a new tv in the bedroom.
    Did not use it for about a month, and all settings were lost.
    Happens to be a "feature" of that tv, and you have to repeat the
    factory setup for it again........ , or watch tv at least once a week.
    (The tv was connected to the mains the whole period....)
  3. "Post hoc ergo proctor hoc" fallacy
  4. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    The main thing is if you reconnected the physical cable or the cable

    On some equipment the chassis might be at half mains voltage (but low
    current) due to a mains filter.

    This could cause the input curcuitry to fail when you connect the
    physical cable, if the cable is grounded somewhere. Or another tv could
    ave a bad filter which puts voltage on the cable network.

    But restoring the cable signal remotely should do no harm.

  5. On some equipment the chassis might be at half
    Then why wasn't the receiver already damaged?
  6. Guest

    Yes, and the op does not indicate that the TV wss even disconnected from the cable at all.

    ther eis a strange set of circumstances that can result in a failure when connecting to cable, but usually this is due to a gorund fault and sparks usually occur. There was no mention of disconnection and no mention of sparks, therefore I conclude the folowing : This is a bulb TV, they are about as reliable as a flea driven coast guard cutter, forget it. It failed on it's own.

    In a CRT TV I would say there is a posssibility that it got kicked up into a higher scan mode and blew some sweep components, but this is a bulb TV. Some sets actually synchronize the lamp, but this is unlikely to cause a problem because there are no time constants. Plus the thing worked before.

    If the set has been used otherwise, this is simp[ly a failure and has nothing to do with the connection or payment of the cable bill.

    They probably wish they could break your TV remotely, but they cannot as ofyet. Wait. They can disable cars and trucks now, and the almighty cellphone. just wait.
  7. Phoena

    Phoena Guest

    restarting the cable service could have caused my TV to fail?

    Big fucking deal. Consider yourself liberated from corporate Zionist
    brainwashing media.
  8. Consider yourself liberated from corporate
    Yeah. Those "Big Valley" reruns on MeTV are really obnoxious.
  9. Guest

    Actually the Zionist controlled media made sure they caught the "CartwrightCurse" so there would be no sequels. They conspired to do this by putting them in adjacent or near adjacent time slots, possibly evn causing them to compete at times. The Cartwright curse seems to somewhat like athelete's foot, but it affects the whole body, and more drastically, causing death by gunfire in nearly every episode,m errr instance.
  10. chuck

    chuck Guest

    So the stirrings I felt when Linda Evans was on the screen were
    Zionist zeal?
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