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Can network, video and sound cables be combined to save space?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Gilden Man, Feb 2, 2004.

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  1. Gilden Man

    Gilden Man Guest

    I wondered if it is possible to somehow combine a twisted pair network
    cable, s-video cable and stereo audio to enable them all to be run through
    a narrow channel?
    This is to get all these signals from a PC in a spare room to cable
    modem, TV and stereo in another room. The total run will be of the order
    of 10m.
    The space available is rather small and three seperate cables are not
    going to be possible to channel neatly.
    I realise the network and s-video cables are rather high frequency. The
    cable modem is 100Mbit, but I guess I could tweak something at the PC end
    to get the link down to 10Mbit. Afterall the cable modem is nowhere near
    even 10Mbit.
    Standard line-out audio cables usually have a larger cross-section than
    audio cables, but I guess these could really be very thin? This isn't
    going to be an audiophile setup, but just something to get it to work.
    I guess composite video would be going backwards as those co-axial
    cables are always fatter and stiffer than S-video despite the awful
    Any advice would be very welcome.
  2. Mike T

    Mike T Guest

    If you want to send the signals over the same copper wire, then NO, there is
    no way as they all share the same frequency range. If you want to bundle
    the cables close together, then as long as the audio and video cables are
    shielded, then you can place them close to each other.

    Mike T
  3. DaveW

    DaveW Guest

    Getting a sound card to drive a 10m length of audio cables is iffy at best.
    You may overtax the soundcard's output circuitry with an impedence mismatch.
    The s-video cable at 10m is also questionable at best.
  4. Gilden Man

    Gilden Man Guest

    ["Followup-To:" header set to]
    I've got 15m of audio from my PC to stereo. I do have a half decent
    Audiophile 2496 sound card which has stereo phono connector pair line-out.
    Although my previous SBLive value had no audible problems (apart from
    those inherant) with the same cable, but with a 3.5mm jack to two phono
    connectors adapter.
    Strange I also have a 15m s-video lead from my PC with a great quality
  5. Gilden Man

    Gilden Man Guest

    ["Followup-To:" header set to]
    Of course I don't mean that.
    I know that is possible. That's not what I asked, but thanks.
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