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Can I Turn this into a Job?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I am a physics student that for some reason has gotten stuck doing a
    lot of electronics. (Maybe it's because I like it.)
    Anyway, I like to take ideas, make circuit diagrams, breadboard it,
    troubleshoot it, solder it, and troubleshoot it.
    Is it possible to make a summer job out of doing something like this.
    Thanks for your input!
  2. Guest

    It is certainly a good "beer money" gig. Just don't front much money
    until you see if anyone wants to pay. Once you test the market you can
    answer your own question. I know I would give someone $100 if they
    would do the grunt work on some crackpot idea I had getting from paper
    to a board.but you probably need more than that.
  3. Hello,

    I am a physics student who has had a job continuously in the electronics
    industry for 50 years come this September 15th. 8 years in the fixit
    business until I graduated, and then engineering for the last 42 years.

    You can't make it on your own right off the crack of the bat, but there are
    tons of little 2-10 people businesses who would hire you in a split second
    if (a) you know the color code and (b) can solder without burning the place
    down. After you get a few years of working for somebody else under your
    belt (and seeing for yourself what does and does not work) then perhaps you
    can give it a go on your own.

    Take a fixit job if you can find one. You will never again design and/or
    manufacture something that takes a can opener and a magnifying glass to fix.

  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Kendi,

    I side with Jim. Check with the small electronics companies in your
    area. The local chamber of commerce should be able to provide you with
    the locations but for that the web works as well these days. If you can
    solder that already puts you ahead of a large portion of graduates.
    Believe it or not but many of them cannot solder (and I would never hire
    any of those for EE jobs).
  5. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Believe it or not, many graduates wouldn't understand a practical circuit either

  6. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Graham,
    Oh yeah. Had my share of that one. "Does he at least understand my
    module description?" "Nope."

    That same module description (heavily analog) was perfectly well
    understood by a biomedical engineer who had very little exposure to
    analog in his life but more to chemistry. But of course he was older,
    from a time when universities cranked out "real" engineers.
  7. leeps

    leeps Guest

    You people are making me think i should be doing this. I dont know the
    color code (havent bothered i almost keep the multimeter in my back
    pocket), but damn i can solder well. I know what you mean though about
    graduates not knowing anything.
    For people who are automotively inclined heres a funny story
    Im in a school in france to be a mechanic (long story but im stuck on
    the mechanic path for a while, i hate it now). Get this im doing a work
    experience thing where you have to work for somebody else for a while
    for free. I weazle my way into the local ferrari dealership (no joke)
    by beating on my chest about a small block ford i built. Well im in
    there and my tutor mechanic ends up with a 360 modena thats smoking and
    he cant figure out whats wrong with it cause the computer doesnt give
    him any error codes. After trying nothing he decides to take a half a
    liter of oil out. Then after taking it for a test drive, it doesnt
    smoke anymore. He decides to get me to tell the client that he has to
    drive the car a half a liter low on oil or itll start smoking again.
    i know its funny but it broke my heart, i had a dream of being a
    ferrari mechanic thought they were intelligent mechanically inclined
    people now i wouldnt want to be associated with them. I know im
    overreacting about one bad guy but it really made me sick to the point
    of questioning my career, but i suppose i should finish what i started
    so i at least have a degree in something
    so i fell back on all the electronics stuff i know from my father(who
    was an EE for bell labs when they still did basic research) forgot
    about my mustang in the states (i still have nightmares that car was
    like a child to me) and picked up a new hobby
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