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Can I keep the old bios chip ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest


    The old motherboard is dead.

    I want to send it back to my reseller for RMA so I can get a new

    However these bios chips are very hard to get your hands on.

    Resellers of bios chip don't sell individual chips, they only do
    bussiness with big buyers who buy many many many of these chips.

    So my question is:

    Can I keep the old bios chip, just in case my new one dies ?

    Also I still don't know how much these chips cost because nobody
    answered my questions ?! (I e-mailed them, they evaded my questions,
    are they really stupid !)

    I will contact my reseller if I can keep the bios chip.

    I will contact asus as well to ask if I can keep the bios chip.

    Maybe that's overkill but I am gonna try because I like the it.

    I expect they will say: NO.

    I can understand that, but not really too smart, especially if these
    cheap chips...

    However a YES would be much cooler and smarted ! =D :p*

  2. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    I shortly thought about this and then it hit me:

    Ofcourse asus could simply send me a new motherboard without a new
    bios chip ?!

    I rather have a new bios chip as well...

    So I would have one spare bios chip... actually two ;) if you count
    the new one, since the new motherboard will go into the closet as
    backup board ;)

    I just love these little chippies.


    They survied it seems ?! WHOOW I LOVE SURVIVORS ;) =D

    But if that is not possible I might rather have a new bios chip.

    But before I send in the old bios chip... first I am gonna explore if
    I can get A MEMORY DUMP of the old bios chip...

    So that I could maybe do a memory copy to see if the bios memory was
    altered or corrupted (because it's different then any other bios

    Yes that's part of the little investigation to discover the thruth..
    maybe the bios WAS infected and STILL IS infected with a virus ?

    So at least a MEMORY DUMP for future investigation seems A VERY SMART
    thing to do ! JUST IN CASE.



    it !?!


    I shall ask a new question in a new post ;)

    I think I already know the answer but ok...

    The afudos tool can probably be used to save a rom image to the
    disk... but is it the complete bios ? hmmmm interesting.

  3. Craig Sutton

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Nope its part of the motherboard. Why would the new one die? same as the old
    one never died and you simply F&^$*&ed up

    all your questions are extremely stupid

    hope they tell you F oFF

    hope so
    pissoff sparklebuck
  4. mpm

    mpm Guest

    I thought you said is was dead?
    What are you going to do with it, teethe on it??

    "Skybuck the Destroyer" is code for "Dorky, The Bytes Sucker"

    I think you should keep the CPU socket too, in case that dies.
  5. mr deo

    mr deo Guest

    You can buy the chips (blank ofcourse)

    a single chip will probably cost in the range of 5$

    But there's no need, because bios chips dont really go out...
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