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can i build/assemble my own power adapter?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Eli Luong, May 23, 2006.

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  1. Eli Luong

    Eli Luong Guest


    I have an external enclosure that uses a power adapter that recently
    broke. The power adapter is somewhat standard design: you have one
    cable that connects from the outlet to the power brick, then the power
    brick itself has the cable going to the enclosure. I recently had the
    pins on the power brick break off, rendering it useless, and purchasing
    a new one is not worth it. It also had been generating a lot of static
    interference whenever it is plugged in.

    I was wondering if I could somehow "find" a better adapter with the
    same pinout, since it uses 4 of then, two grounds and one 12V and one
    5V line. Just curious what my options are.

    - Eli
  2. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    Sure, you can build one, but even at minimum wage it'd probably be cheaper to
    get a new one. Check out places like,, or
  3. Guest

    I'm guessing this is a drive enclosure for a PC? If so I have an old
    external case I an going to toss. I can send you the power card
  4. Richard H.

    Richard H. Guest for a power module that matches the rating
    plate on your old one, rather than building one from scratch. You may
    need a new enclosure, and reuse the existing cables.
  5. Eli Luong

    Eli Luong Guest

    Looks like I may be better off just getting a new enclosure, since the
    connector is probably going to be different on every other enclosure...
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